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Jorja Smith Stuns With New Track “Try Me”

Jorja Smith Stuns With New Track “Try Me”

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Jorja Smith’s new song “Try Me” is perfect.

Jorja Smith is one of those artists that everyone is always demanding music from. However, she has never been one to go heavy with the releases. For instance, she only has two albums out. This includes 2018’s Lost & Found and 2021’s Be Right Back. Overall, she is someone who likes to take her time with her art, and as a fan, you cannot help but respect that. It may take a long time between releases, but when something does drop, you can be sure that it is going to be fantastic and from the heart.

Regardless, fans have still been asking for a new song of some sort. The last time she dropped a track, it was back in 2022 with “Rose Rouge.” Consequently, many have been saying it is time for something new. Subsequently, Jorja Smith opted to answer those requests as she has come right back with “Try Me.” This new single was released this past week, and it is already amassing a ton of praise on social media.

Jorja Smith Does It Again With “Try Me”

With this track, Jorja Smith starts off with a driving rhythm section. These drums lead into a beautiful instrumental that truly helps the artist show off her great voice. Overall, Smith has always had great vocal chops. However, they are most certainly on full display with this latest effort. As for the songwriting, it is powerful and it is enhanced by the music video above.

If you are a Jorja Smith fan, then you are most certainly going to enjoy this new song. If you love R&B and soul, then you should definitely give this a listen as well. Let us know your thoughts on the new track, in the comments down below. Additionally, stay tuned to BiographyWeb for the latest news and updates from around the music world.

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