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Hi, dearest music lovers and most cherished readers let’s give a rousing welcome to teenage superstar Melina Hazewood. Teen artist Melina Hazewood may only be 16 but her single “Dear Boy “– releasing March 1st – would have you thinking otherwise.

Melina’s powerful vocals, which won her best Singer-Songwriter and Coup du Jury at the Golden Voices International Singing Contest in Cannes, are on full display in this pop-ballad. Melina’s mother was a successful musical writer in her own right, so it’s clear that music is in her blood. The singer-songwriter draws inspiration from a wide range of performers, including Adele and The Beatles, as well as from earlier generations like Liza Minelli Luis Mariano, and Charles Trenet, as well as legendary figures from French music from the 1970s like Joe Dassin and Charles Aznavour. Let me tell you more about this incredible song.

The song opens with Melina’s lovely, fluttering voice greeting you. Melina perfectly puts you in her headspace to go on this musical adventure with her, and the upbeat, light instrumentation complements her voice.

The lighthearted song Dear Boy, which was written in 2020, explores a youthful romantic relationship in which a boy falls in love with a girl’s image rather than the person herself. The girl plays around with the idea that she is a “goddess,” but she also tries to gently speak some reason into the guy and help him see that what he sees in her is unrealistic, as Melina puts it. In the end, she wants to be loved for herself, not for the person he thinks she is. The song does well to tell Melina’s story in a very relatable and entertaining way!

Although the song contains a variety of musical elements, the piano and guitar tones are frequently heard. Melina’s performance alternates between high and low octaves, and you can sense how much thought and effort went into writing this song from the beauty of her lyrics. Because of the flawless harmonies, there is no getting rid of this earworm.

Melina won best Singer-Songwriter and Coup du Jury at the Golden Voices International Singing Contest in Cannes thanks to her characteristically strong vocals.

Melina also made a splash at the big UKSC singer-songwriter competition, where three of her songs made it to the teen semi-finals and received the highest rating possible—five stars—for all six of her entries. She has consistently demonstrated her abilities with her songs including “Dear Boy.”Melina is committed to creating the greatest music possible for her audience and still puts a lot of love and thought into her career, even with all of her success. She is someone to keep an eye on because she is not going to slow down!

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