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Hello, beautiful readers and fans of music. We are pleased to introduce to you today, US musician Marc Schuster. Marc Schuster is an independent multi-instrumentalist, artist, producer, and videographer who works with numerous artists worldwide. On May 1st, he published the eight-track album “Arguably.” Allow me to elaborate on this record for you.

With “The Best Day,” the album opens. This song has a bright, beautiful opening. As this music tantalizes your senses, the selection of instruments tells you everything you need to know about it. Today will be the finest day of your life, according to the song, which also promises that everything will be alright. the song is incredible and provides a preview of the album’s remaining tracks

The next song is “One Cup of Coffee,” which opens with a fusion of really unusual sounds. Marc then sings, “One cup of coffee and I’m good to go,” about how all he needs to get through the day is a cup of coffee. This is a straightforward tune that will get you excited with its captivating lyrics and rhythms.

The following song on the list, “Rental Home,” starts with a lovely and steady drum beat before the other instruments join in. In the song, the protagonist reassures his lover that he will provide a place for her to hide or feel comfortable (“I’ll give you a place to hide when you feel dark inside”). The music is upbeat and makes you tap your feet.

Sell Me the Snake” is the next song. The beginning of this song also features crystal-like sounds and a beautiful rhythmic beat. The manufacturing of this way made it sparkle incredibly!

“Paul Giamatti (Is Everywhere Tonight)” is the next tune. James Lorino is featured in this tune. This song talks about the persona of seeing Paul Giamatti everywhere and has a beautiful jazz vibe to it. The song’s distinct charm and exhilarating quality will captivate you.

The next song is “Hell in Hello,” which has a catchy chorus. The song is a magnificent one filled with a catchy pun  that you will definitely recognize and vibey instruments that will take you out of this world due to its incredibly fascinating lyrics. Just kick back and enjoy this one  

“May the algorithm smile upon you” is the song that follows. This song talks about how are enslaved to the algorithms on our social media platforms. The song follows the running theme that Is the struggles with AI and technology. Marc thoroughly delighted us while informing us about the risks associated with technology while simultaneously entertaining us, what could one ask for??

“Blue Light” is the last song on the album. The protagonist of this song sings, “Blue light shines, blue light shines, blue lights shine on me,” describing how a blue light shines on him. The song has a very melancholic yet lovely ending to the record

“Arguably” included numerous masterfully composed tracks supported by incredible instrumentals. With this record, I think Marc truly made a creative breakthrough every song was distinct and wonderful , and I’m very interested to hear what else he has planned in the future. Look out world here comes Marc and he’s unstoppable!!

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