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Hello music lovers and dearest readers, welcome to our blog California-based artist Sam Feinstein. Inspired by Eurovision, “Maslow’s Mountain” is a fast-paced synth-rock tune that builds on the popularity of “Hamster Wheel”. The song was released on 1st February and gently eases listeners into the new month. Let’s talk about the song in detail.

“Maslow’s Mountain” starts with a very high-energy drum solo and electric guitar before it turns to the synth sounds it is a flawless performance that gives an out worldly experience

The song critiques the obstacles to self-actualization in a world where fundamental needs like food, shelter, and healthcare must be met through laborious effort. The nod to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is evident as Feinstein talks about how hard we as humans work to achieve even one of the needs on this hierarchy. Even if achieving fulfillment objectives is not simple, it is something that we must all continuously work towards. It talks about how life is but how we must never give up! What a delightful way to discuss such an important issue!

When it comes to production, “Maslow’s Mountain was entirely self-produced and you can see the image and hard work of Feinstein reflected in it. The vocals, the musical arrangement, and the unison in which they all work together are just amazing to hear. What a labor of love and a great quality every song should possess

Overall “Maslow’s Mountain “ by Sam Feinstein is a deep guide into the struggles of human life that have been around since the beginning of time. The song is even more important due to our economic climate where everything seems bleak and encourages us to keep fighting. The musical elements are wonderful and the vocal performance is crisp and amazing. Feinstein is amazing and I can’t wait to see what he puts out next

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