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Hey there, welcome one and all to our blog. Today we highlight the extremely talented Michael Friedinger. Michael Friedinger is a German pianist and keyboardist from Stuttgart and he has delivered to us an outstanding album titled “Between Chairs” which was released on 15th March. Featuring some of his all-time favorite musicians, he has written, arranged, produced, and, of course, played 12 songs that are available on the album. From Brazilian, Cuban, gospel, and straight-ahead jazz to funky Smooth Jazz and Fusion, there are a variety of styles that are on the album. Let me tell you more about this beautiful record

The album’s opening track, “The Swuffule,” opens with an upbeat arrangement of musical instruments. The song’s title is a play on words since it blends two distinct grooves a swing shuffle and a funk/rock shuffle—which is how the song gets its nickname “swuffule”

The enjoyable aspects of the song are accentuated by the jazz undertones, the electric guitar, and the electric bass sounds. this upbeat tune makes you nostalgic for the good old days and might be used as the theme song for a comedy from the 1990s. The electric guitar solo is amazing and incredibly engaging. The album is effectively introduced and you feel comfortable listening to the song

Another jazz-infused song with soothing, cozy tones is “Cool Breeze.” The song gives off the vibes of A day spent at the beach, fully relaxed, with a drink in hand.

In addition to the song’s incredibly delicate Rhodes and Piano synth tones that softly reverberate, these piano notes are open, colorful, and vivacious. The music offers you a variety of sounds at once without being too overwhelming, making for an interesting and enjoyable listening experience.

Isipisi,” which is next on the list, has a lively vibe right away. The alto saxophone sounds are the song’s main attraction. This saxophone and the next piano note all sound so exquisite together, my goodness. It would be impossible to give this song credit without highlighting the electric guitar solo and the subsequent bass-to-saxophone harmonies. What a tasty combination of instruments!

Light and fluttery piano tones open “Um beijo,” and they stay that way throughout. The song is A heartfelt ode to the extraordinary depth of Brazilian music, paired with a modest salute to one of my greatest inspirations, the amazing Dave Grusin, and his incredibly sophisticated and beautiful piano playing.

A steady and grandiose thundering percussion complements the dreamy and lovely piano melodies. The melody is so entrancing that it instantly calms you down and takes you to a different planet free of stress and all the pressures of everyday life.

Another jazz-infused song that will have you tapping your feet is “Time Together with You.” Time Together with You,” is about spending quality time, whether it’s with your close friends and family.

The pulse and rhythm have a naturally lovely quality. Once more, the electric guitar and electric bass graces our ears with exquisite sounds, creating a fully immersive experience.

“Bug a loo” is a catchy song that will have you tapping your feet and dancing. This title, which is dedicated to Michael’s darling daughter, is the result of combining some 60s Latin soul jazz (Boogaloo) with a beetle (Bug).

It features amazing sounds and stylish piano flourishes and creates an amazing soundscape for listeners

Come a little closer” comes next. This tune will sonically stimulate and thrill you with its rhythmic and harmonic sounds as well as its systematic oscillation of the snazzy electric bass, piano, Rhodes, and synth sounds!

In Flight” represents a little departure from the album’s overall vibe and sound. The song represents when Michael experienced his first flight somewhat late in life, and how he will never forget the sensation of the aircraft lifting off and the entire journey.

The song starts with heavy Rhodes and synth noises before breaking into what I can only describe as an incredible soprano saxophone solo. And let’s not forget about the unexpected drum solo—such a fantastic demonstration of skill that adds even more excitement to the song. With careful attention to detail, the song pays homage to its jazz heritage while incorporating elements of other genres!

With a steady guitar tone and piano undertones, “Bahia Nights” is an additional heartfelt ode to Brazilian music, this one honoring Salvador de Bahia’s Afro-Brazilian culture. This composition blends samba reggae and baiao.

The song has Another appearance by the magnificent and powerful soprano saxophone simply serves to improve the listening experience. This song exemplifies the power of music!

Another slight change in direction is found in the song “Junior,” which maintains all the indications that it is a jazz composition while also having a slight disco feel from the 1980s. Michael was thrilled when a musician friend called him Jeff Lorber Junior and decided to dedicate this composition to the amazing Jeff Lorber since it made him think of him.

The electric bass and trumpet sounds take the stage and transport you to a fantastic auditory experience.

The album slows down a little bit with “Kindred Souls.” This composition captures the experience of creating music with, an understanding, of like-minded individuals.

Every component especially the trumpet and trombone components in this song creates this exquisitely composed piece of music to provide the best possible listening experience.

The exquisitely lovely “You Are My Home” serves as the album’s finale. To Michael person’s home is not only a location and he dedicates this piece to his amazing wife, who makes him feel most at home and at ease.

The song is a lovely ballad that features some of the most exquisite piano tones and acoustic bass sounds you’ve ever heard. The song is deeply moving and transports you to Michael’s world of imagination. What a remarkable trait to possess! Despite being unique from the other songs, this one is powerful and ends the album in an incredibly moving and stunning way.

At the age of 15, Michael took his first piano lessons. He studied composition/arrangement, jazz, school music, and piano under Paul Schwarz, Bernd Hufnagel, Frank Sikora, Klaus König, and Prof. Martin Schrack at the music academies in Trossingen, Nuremberg, and Stuttgart, among others. Throughout his education, he was already employed as a jazz piano coach and répétiteur. Keyboardist and pianist for the Baden-Württemberg State Youth Gospel Choir; pianist in the Prof. Bernd Konrad-conducted Baden-Württemberg State Youth Jazz Orchestra; Keyboardist for the Stage Entertainment musicals 42nd Street and Mamma Mia; He has also played keyboards and piano in countless bands and projects ranging from jazz to pop/rock, funk & soul, gospel, Cuban and Brazilian music. Concerts and festivals in Italy, Holland, France, Switzerland, Poland, and other countries with artists ranging from Sir Waldo Weathers (James Brown Band) to Roberto Blanco, Randy Brecker, Max Mutzke, Sir Waldo Weathers (James Brown Band), Julia Neigel, Stefan Gwildis, Cecile Verny, Roberto Santamaria, Giovanni Costello, Henni Nachtsheim (Badesalz), Olvido Ruiz, Ron Williams, David Hanselmann, and several others. Michael Friedinger enjoys lounging.

He is at home on a variety of keyboards in addition to the acoustic piano. firmly based in jazz yet heavily influenced by funk, fusion, and gospel. The album is composed primarily of European classical music but with elements of Brazilian and Cuban music as well appealing yet never random. It is sophisticated yet allows for lots of creative freedom. Easily danced to yet never repetitive. The perfect harmony between intellect and instincts.

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