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Hey, dearest fans and music enthusiasts help me give a warm welcome to France France-based band Calamity Jay. Calamity is made up of Rahel Rosenwald the Lead Singer and songwriter & JayC Be plays all Guitars, Bass, Keyboard, and Backing Vocals, and is the Songwriter. Hot off the success of “Gatecrasher”, the band has just released “Music Monster” released on 23rd March. Let me tell you more about the fantastic song

A haunting yet cool series of howls opens this classic folk rock song, which then switches to guitar and vocals. It’s evident right away that you’re in for an incredible journey.

The song’s lyrics describe the disillusionment that people frequently endure during their lives, but the characters are not doomed since the “Music Monster” keeps an eye on them and reminds us that music is maybe “the” most wonderful cure for all of our problems. (“Your magic is on my side,” music monster is on my side “)The song’s motivating message is presented in a lively and amusing manner, and it advocates embracing music as a kind of getaway or treatment.

Rahel’s vocals venture into a more flashy Rock style in “Music Monster,” revealing a new side of Calamity Jay. Even with JayC’s slide guitar additions, the base music has a hint of blues while still having a folk guitar flavor. The exciting pace of the song and the lyrics take listeners on a mystical journey

Music monster” is more than simply a song; it’s a symbol of the power of music in my opinion. Calamity Jay exposes your eyes to the healing power of music with their amazing lyrics and flawless singing abilities. My only wish is that each of us manages to call forth our own music monster to ferociously guard us!

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