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Hi everyone, and thank you for visiting our blog. It gives me great pleasure to welcome Paul Thompson. UK’s Norfolk Paul Thompson, a singer-songwriter, has announced the release of his new album, “Baby Hedgehog,” which was motivated by a touching experience he had with a wounded hedgehog. The album’s eleven tracks are a catchy ode to the natural world and a rallying cry for environmental preservation.io and tending to its recovery. The album “The Baby Hedgehog,” which was released on May 4th, was recorded at Paul’s studio with some assistance from his pals. These friends are Steve Fordington on keys, Tim Skinner on drums, Janet Bower on cello, Noel Dashwood on dobro, and Kezia Ball on backup vocals, he performs all of the guitar parts, bass, mandolin, and lead vocals. Let me tell you more about this album

Traveling Light,” the album’s title track, opens with some lovely, warm guitar tones. The theme of this lovely song is journeying to a location that is full of light—so warm and lovely that he refers to it as “traveling light.” You are surrounded by this song’s most exquisite and sincere feelings, and you can’t wait to hear the remaining songs.

The song “Now the sun is up” comes next. Instrumentally, this song has a steady rhythm. The protagonist of this song speaks of the boundless opportunities that lie ahead of him now that a new day has dawned and his significant other is by his side (“now the sun is up”). The beautiful song exhorts listeners to cherish each day as it comes.

A bluesy tune that gets off to a great start is “Light a Little Fire.” “Light a little fire in our hearts,” the character sings, describing a warm and cozy night spent with a loved one. This song also addresses nostalgia in an incredibly moving way that lingers in your memory.

The following song has a country vibe and is called “Child in Me.” “See you again” is a line from the song that refers to missing someone you knew when you were younger in the song. and returning to the inner kid that The lovely guitar solo in this tune greatly improved the sound quality.

Baby Hedgehog” is the next tune. Thompson wrote a moving song about a hedgehog he helped recover from illness near his studio. He begs to see the hedgehog once more in the song, “I pray I’ll see you again.” He clearly bonded with the hedgehog, and it’s lovely that he conveys this love and bonding in the words and song structure.

The cheerful tune “Honeydew” provides a nice change of pace for the record. The character in the song goes into great depth on the flavor of honeydew. You will experience honeydew as if you were actually eating it while listening to the song. It would be impossible to discuss this song without noting the incredible guitar solo that will take your breath away!

Time and tide,” the song that comes after it, has a beautiful melody in the start. The lyrics of the song discuss how tides and time pass. “Time and tide comes and goes” The lyrics of the song discuss how we are powerless to stop time and the tide from shifting. This is a clear and straightforward advise piece. A beautiful soundscape is produced by the harmonic guitar strums.

This catchy tune, “Lady in the Lake,” narrates the enigmatic tale of a lady in a lake. The wonderful tale of this mysterious woman is expertly woven into the lyrics, and listeners have a VIP ticket to view her in the lake as well as get into the he entire fantasy the song is selling.

The song “Nightfall” comes next. The song about waiting for the light to go out and the day to start. The song serves as a sort of metaphor, informing listeners that although darkness is incredibly beautiful, it only lasts for a short while.

The Crow Calls Nightly” is the last but one tune. The character in the song describes how the crow makes a nightly call. Aside from politics and mortality, it also discusses humanity in general (“the crow calls nightly, it’s lost at sea”). This song’s arrangement and performance style will make you feel a wide range of emotions.

Spirit Guide,” the song that brings this incredible voyage to a close, opens with a wonderful tune. The character and his spirit guide embark on a type of ascension throughout the song. This is a beautiful song that will make you question your own existence. This song captures the essence of Thompson’s great album so well.

Was I surprised when listening to this album?? The answer is a very big yes!! Thompson has really created something special with this album and I implore you listen to it to get the full experience I’m talking about! He is a fantastic Artist and he will do exploits in the music industry!

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