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Greetings! Welcome to our blog music fans and our most cherished readers today we welcome to our blog Baltimore-based artist Power Rob. After captivating us with “Gloria” and “Runaway” Power Rob is back again and has collaborated with Miami Nights 1984 to bless our ears and our playlists with “Restless Summer” a synth wave and electronic pop song that was released on the 28th of November. Let me tell you more about the new song.

The song opens with the sounds of thunder and rain, then it fades into a continuous stream of lovely synth sounds before Power Rob delivers a stunning and endearing performance. The song’s sound takes you to a different dimension!

The song’s lyrics discuss the difficulties of relationships and someone who has fallen deeply in love (“I’ve got it bad”). “Don’t you wonder how it all falls apart so soon as the walls come down” is one of the lines that refer to this. Rob discusses the various phases that a relationship may experience before ending. His vocal delivery is passionate and he writes descriptive lyrics. The way the song is delivered will arouse and stimulate all of your senses!

This is a gorgeous synth-wave duet with amazing production, precise hooks, and fascinating vocals. The electronic musical instrument solo was one highlight of the song that listeners should look forward to. Power Rob’s captivating voice and Miami Nights 1984’s distinctive synth-wave sound come together flawlessly in this song.

This release, which was featured on New Retrowave, has been gaining a lot of online traction, and rightfully so as it is a fantastic dong bolstered by wonderful synth sounds, lyrics, and a breathtaking vocal performance. Power Rob and Miami Night 1984 have shown that they are a strong collaborative unit and will go a long way in the music industry!

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