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DESPERATE(LY) is an amazing rollercoaster of a song that captures the perverted desperation of someone in their lowest moments. The rough and rowdy song from the Zurich-based melodic metal band has a way of bringing out your darkest and deepest desires. You’re completely free, able to shout at the top of your lungs and yearn for anything you want. QUANTUM’s energy is extremely captivating; it’s bigger, taller, smarter, and stronger than Daft Punk’s.

We live in a constantly changing world. When something is good, we want it to be even better to satisfy our needs. In many circumstances, there’s nothing wrong with that, but human egoism plays a significant role in the negative side, when some of us think short-term, are unaware of what we’re leaving behind, and fail to care after one another. These are some of the topics addressed in their most recent album, ‘DESPERATE(LY)’.

This is metalcore at its best from Quantum, with riffs galore and an unusual time signature. With a six-string attack or an unquantifiable double bass strafe, this band has consistently exceeded expectations. The vocals in this song truly extend out, searching for the desperation depicted by the chord structure and sound of the song. Though the mix of shouting and clean vocals isn’t as prominent as on other tracks, it is what sets it apart.


This melody-rich composition will attract your attention when listening to ‘DESPERATE(LY),’ as you’ll notice that it’s not your normal metalcore song—it has a distinct vibe to it. The massive sound of bass guitar and drums kicking your speakers with very well-thought-out guitar riffs, as well as the dynamics of the band’s leader in quieter and louder parts of this song, will be highly pleasing to your ear.

QUANTUM is a dynamic band with members who each have their own unique skills, approaches, and influences, but they’re a great match who can be creative and develop music together. They placed third in the SPH Music Masters in 2020, receiving a lot of positive comments that encouraged them to keep working on new songs and made it clear what direction they want to pursue as a band.

Listen to QUANTUM DESPERATE(LY) song below!

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