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Hi everyone, music enthusiasts and admirers! Let’s extend a hearty welcome to Seasonal Falls today. Roman Gabriel, a songwriter from Switzerland (The Kind Hills, The Dentals) and Andrew Pelletier, a producer and vocalist from Fur Trade make up the project called Seasonal Falls. The group’s love of quirky indie music in general and the 90s in particular is evident in the tracks, which range from indie-pop to indie-folk to indie-rock. Growing up with music from musicians such as Elliott Smith, Pavement, Wilco, Teenage Fanclub, and others had a big impact on Seasonal Falls’ sound, vocals, and melodies. Nine straightforward, primarily acoustic, and friendly songs were recorded in a home studio by Seasonal Falls, and On May 10, they released a record titled “Happy Days.” Let me elaborate on this record for you

Used to be fun” is the next tune. The character sings about getting to his woman in this somewhat lively song (“gotta get to my baby, gotta get to my lady now”). He tells about how he used to love going to parties but now he just wants to be sort of like a homebody. The song is a metaphor for living life to the fullest when we are in our prime and how when we get older, all we want to do is curl up with a book and look forward to our alone time.

Lie Down” is a song about acceptance, melancholy, and solace. This is the ideal fusion of the two artists’ styles. The vocal delivery is stunning and moving, resulting in a subtle yet powerful effect. ‘Lie Down’ is so poignant and straightforward that it seems like a dose of raw emotion. The song is so densely layered that it envelopes listeners in a transparent, warm, and cuddly blanket that is so light that it seems to be nothing at all. Nevertheless, we are aware that something is present and that someone or something is aware of our current emotions.

Girlfriend” opens with a few mellow guitar chords. The song’s lyrics go into considerable depth about the persona’s lover and how she aids in realizing his potential. ( “She pushes me to make more money”)He utilizes a kind and heartfelt style that listeners will adore as he talks about how fortunate he is to have this woman in his life.

The next song on the record is “The Wind.” The song is about following your heart and traveling “anywhere the wind blows.” The character lacks direction and purpose, and he uses this lovely song to invite us into his headspace as a way of expressing his perplexity and despondency.

The song “Half Moon” comes next. This song with a strong country influence about not fitting in any place where there isn’t a half moon present. You learn some life lessons by listening to this song, which is about life. The instrument selection is ideal and enhances the vocal performance.

The song “You’re Not Alone” continues in this vein. The message of the song is that you shouldn’t feel strange in this world because you’re not alone in being strange or different. (“You’re not the only weird person out there. Someone else is weird as well”)Seasonal falls make a connection with us by letting us know that they’re strange too. Because the song tells us we’re not alone, we can connect with it on a deeper level. It’s a highly inspirational and relatable tune that will make you feel seen no matter what

“Girl!” is the album’s last track. It’s  another blues song with a country feel. The lyrics, “Hey girl, I’m fed up with you baby,” depict a lover who is tired of his partner. The character in the song has the bravery to tell his lady that he is sick of her. The song’s mouth percussions were incredibly calming and lovely. This song provides a stunning coda to the album

Seasonal Falls has created a beautiful mix of music for fans with their album “Happy Days.” Each song was unique, conveyed powerful messages—particularly in the tune “You are not alone”—and led us on an entirely immersive experience. I’m excited to hear more from Seasonal Falls because of their extraordinary talent and their distinct, expert approach to songwriting.

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