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Snakedoctors Friday Night

Snakedoctors Premier New Song Friday Night

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“Friday Night” follows “Crime Story” as the second single from Snakedoctors’ upcoming double album “Four and a Half,” which will be released on May 27th.

“Friday Night” opens with rhythmic, handclap-like electronic beats and deep bass guitar notes, resulting in a minimalistic yet lively sound. As the lyrical vocals join in, the beats are quickly intensified with snare hits, presenting a story of weekend plans that beautifully compliments the song’s upbeat vibe. Buzzing, retro-sounding synths enter the mix in the second verse, their melodies and textures evoking old-school electronic bands like Kraftwerk; subsequently, further layers of synths join in, harmonising well with one another and adding to the track’s retro electronic mood.

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Snakedoctors was founded by four friends in Gdansk, Poland in May of 2020. They’ve released seventeen singles since then, as well as three albums: Obligation, Joy Free Bowl, and Mellow Joy. Their tracks have gained airplay and positive reviews in a variety of countries across four continents, and all of their singles have charted in the Polish iTunes Rock Top 100. (many of them reaching number one). Snakedoctors‘ albums are sold through MyMusic. They are an independent band who release their songs on an indie label (Case Studio). They play music because it’s enjoyable, as they say.

Fans can expect a lot from Snakedoctors‘ impending fourth double album, Four and a Half, which will be released on May 27th. Both CDs will have a wide range of tracks, with the first influenced strongly by new wave, dark wave, post punk, and shoegaze, while the second influenced more by grunge. For the double album, Snakedoctors worked with a number of well-known producers, including Joe Gibb, who has worked with Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Kinks, Jane’s Addiction, Stone Roses, and The Mission; and Kevin Paul, who has also worked with Depeche Mode, The Kinks, Yazoo, Erasure, and David Bowie.

Snakedoctors also worked with producer Matt Gerhard, who previously worked with the band Spoon, on one of the songs on the next album. Corey Alley (Hobbit Hole Records), Snakedoctors’ vocalist and guitarist’s friend, will also appear on the album, as well as a few female vocalists in a few songs. Three remixes of tracks from the album will be released, two of which were created in Vancouver, Canada, and one by Wojciech, a Snakedoctors member who used to play in bands in the United States during his undergraduate years.

“Friday Night” is the latest song to promote Four and a Half, following “Crime Story.” Kevin Paul mastered the song, which was mixed by Joe Gibb. Snakedoctors have recently begun to include electronic elements into their music, as evidenced by “Friday Night,” which is heavily influenced by new wave and tells a story about what we could do on the weekend after a long week at work.

A music video for “Friday Night,” directed by Kathy Peters and shot in Germany, is also available.

“Friday Night” is a great listen throughout, displaying Snakedoctors’ excellent songwriting and musicianship; I would strongly suggest this track to fans of alternative/indie rock and new wave.

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