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Welcome to our blog everyone!!. Let’s extend a warm welcome to Talia Grace, an artist from Austin. Talia recently released her EP, “From Under You”, which was released on 26th April Dave Wiley provided the strings for the song “Smoke,” while Taylor Webb handled production and guitar on this four-track EP. Talia Grace sang and played the piano. Allow me to elaborate on this EP for you.

“The Girl Before the Girl” is the title track of the EP. You’ll be enthralled by the calming piano tones that open it. “I’m a heart that you can break while you wait for yours to mend” is one of the lyrics she uses to discuss being a rebound or being used to get over someone. When I listened to this song, I started to cry a little since it comes from a very real place. On this one, Alexa truly opened up, and it was the ideal beginning for the EP

The song “Lavender Latte” comes next. Another poignant work depicting the end of a romance, this one is also emotional. The vocal rendition is exceptionally gifted and delicate, and the song has a strong emotional content.

Gentle melodies introduce “Smoke” before the vocal performance begins. She claims that she is unable to stay away from someone who has severely harmed her (“because you’re like smoke, you’re everywhere I go”). She also talks about a toxic relationship. The sounds of the strings were exquisite, and Alexa’s voice projected like a tiny bird making its first flight.

The final track is titled “Greedy Reminder.” The song’s protagonist has haunting memories from her past. (“Greedy reminders”)The song concludes in a positive tone even though she continues to discuss her unhealthy relationship with food and her family. And the EP closes with this amazing tune.

Alexa writes music that people identify with. These four songs were thoughtfully chosen and composed to convey a tale of hopelessness and despair that ends in victory and resiliency. People can relate to each song so much that they can identify with certain parts of it and fall in love with it; that’s true artistic ability. I adore how her music gives you a sense of being seen. Alexa is accelerating, going full speed ahead!

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