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Tasha Blackmore Brown Eyes

Tasha Blackmore Premiered a New Song “Brown Eyes” With Video

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Tasha Blackmore has incorporated an edge and attitude into her current musical endeavour, “Brown Eyes,” by putting her own signature touch on the country rock genre.

This song, which comes with a music video that we’ve included below for your watching enjoyment, immediately struck us as powerful and anthemic, something we could easily imagine seeing performed live. The enthusiasm is unrivalled, and if you haven’t yet incorporated Tasha’s music into your life, this is about the best time to do it.

Tasha Blackmore, a bright-eyed singer-songwriter from Northumberland, UK, easily weaves a warm and powerful sound of country meets pop with storyteller lyrics. Those stories are based on the artist’s own experiences and sentiments, and they are packed into her songs with a story that is very relevant. Last year, she released “Last Goodbye,” a song about gaining inner strength and cutting connections with anything that has become stale, as well as “High Time,” a charming song about emerging stronger than you were before from a failed relationship. You have the option of listening and learning, or listening and making peace with whatever went wrong in the past.

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Tasha Blackmore’s latest track is the latest in a long line of cautionary stories. The song swirls like the echoing noises of love, desire, and wariness inside a person’s psyche, introducing the “Brown Eyes,” who promise nothing but trouble. Sparkling guitar riffs, pounding percussion, and her soft, wonderful vocals create the tone for a hypnotising state of exhilaration and love, in which the song’s protagonist strives to break away from the spell established by those eyes she had just stared into.

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