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The Kaz Experiment When The Sun Goes Down

The Kaz Experiment Releases “When The Sun Goes Down”

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The Kaz Experiment releases a calming instrumental track, ‘When The Sun Goes Down,’ on Wednesday, May 10th 2022, following the popularity of her instrumental singles, ‘Emerging From Solitude’ and ‘Dancing With Darkness.’

‘When The Sun Goes Down’ is a wonderfully calming instrumental track built around a soundscape comprised of a gentle piano melody and ambient string sound. The song is intended to evoke the feeling of serene tranquillity experienced at the end of the day as you watch the sun set beyond the horizon line. Karen Harding, an artist and singer/songwriter, founded The Kaz Experiment in the early days of January 2022 as an experimental musical project. The Kaz Experiment is an outlet for Karen to creatively explore the broad possibilities accessible within the creation of sound and expression, with a largely instrumental style of musical composition.

The Kaz Experiment When The Sun Goes Down

Karen began piano lessons at the age of six and singing classes at the age of fourteen, so music has always been a part of her life. She has performed solo, duo, and band performances at a variety of cafés and pubs in Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs, all of which have led to the sound you hear today.

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Listen to When The Sun Goes Down a song by The Kaz Experiment below!

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