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Greetings dearest readers and music lovers. Today we feature the band The Local 12”.The Local 12 is a 4-piece rock band from South Jersey. The band is made up Dave Iannucci on guitar and vocals; Dan Ream on keys, guitar, and vocals; Pat Ream on Bass; and Eric Bailey on drums and vocals. How and where did you get together? The band’s debut album titled “Abandon “was released on 26th May. Let me tell you more about it.

“Wave at the Window,” the title track of the album, is a happy, folk-inspired song with summery, classic rock overtones. It tells the story of long-distance love and how the man hopes she won’t leave him ( “Your train rolls in Greenville bring me long lonely days”). The song’s amazing, funky bridge greets you to the record in style and is overall quite progressive, extending greatly into the second part of the album and it’s the perfect way to start the album

Godforsaken” is the next song, a stark contrast to the first tune with melancholic, bluesy lyrics. The song is about a character who, despite numerous warning signs (“you never even love, just an infatuation phase”), is given indications that a person is not appropriate for him or her. This tune features a fantastic solo keyboard performance and intriguing guitar tones.

King of Small Time,” a really funky song, comes next. The line “I’m going to win this time” portrays a person who is obviously hooked on gambling. He has left his family behind since he is so committed to this way of life. The song has a catchy chorus and is influenced by Southern rock and Latin music. The band sounds very tight and in rhythm on this track, which indicates that they are enjoying themselves.

SU(5)” is the name of the following song. The song, which has an alternative, indie vibe, is about uniting to work towards a common objective (“we need to work as one”). The song features catchy chords and a variety of influences blended throughout. It features a killer breakdown and original lyrics

The next song is “In the Lighthouse,” which tells the story of a lightkeeper who loves what he does and takes it seriously (“I am the keeper of the light”). The song has great development and catchy lyrics. The song is awesome, and I really like how the rhythm shifts throughout the powerful solo that produces ethereal sounds.

The song “Hitchhikers Guide” is the following one. It has a wonderful chord progression and an instantly recognizable, trippy, and vibey beginning.”There is a place you can go to be free” describes a person who is being led to a place of joy and openness in the song. It’s a comfortable spot to be within the record, which has excellent piano playing and sparkling throughout.

The following song is called “All She Wants,” Is My Money” This song serves as the album’s pivot and a fantastic pick-up. The song is about a man who falls in love with a gold digger and refuses to let up even after realizing how shallow she is (“all she wants is my money, lucky for me I’m broke”). It really is a foot-tapping hit. Excellent instrumentation builds your excitement and flows naturally into the chorus. This tune is sure to please you.

The mellow tune “Chance of a Lifetime” is an advising song that exhorts us to view every day as a brand-new opportunity to accomplish everything (“so tomorrow’s a brighter today, chance of a lifetime”). The song has a strong, uplifting message. It features wonderful lyrics, a lovely development, and lovely choral sections.

Next is the song “Quicksilver Girl”. It is a fun and catchy song about a woman who is like a chameleon and changes to suit whatever situation she is in the song and intentionally has straight forward lyrics. The song is fast paced and you will enjoy every aspect of it

“Stranded “ is the last song and it is a-slowly emotional ballad, in the song the character is lonely (“ alone and asleep”) his sleepiness alone shows he’s in a depressive fog. He also describes his loneliness and likens it to being stranded on an island These emotional powerful lyrics is backed by great chord progressions which builds new layers throughout. This was a fantastic song to close the album

The Local 12’s debut album reflects what they sound like live and showcases some of the different gears they have both in their songwriting and their playing. I must say I was quite impressed with this album and I know they will do great things

Stream the “Abandon” album on Spotify 

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