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Greetings To every reader and music enthusiast, We are presenting to you the album “Hostile Witness” by The Prophet Obblonge, a resident of San Antonio. This 17-track album will appeal to fans of humor, horror, real-life drama, and sharp social criticism. Obblonge’s perceptive, angry gospel is offered without fear of regret or reprimand, making it an energizing and motivating experience. Now, let’s examine the album’s specifics.

The first song on the CD is titled “I did it.” It was me.” The song’s background is composed of radio broadcast-style noises, and it highlights the amount of fatalities brought on by malfunctioning medical equipment and communication systems. The system failure is leading to incorrect drug dosage, which typically saves lives. The song illustrates the fragility of these systems and the need for responsible parties to take responsibility for their shortcomings. It serves as a wake-up call for everyone and establishes the album’s tone.

The following song on the record is called “No Society Reveres a Coward.” Another masterwork of poetry, this one has an exciting pace throughout. Apathetic people are chastised in the song. Individuals who choose not to notice things that are failing (“the ones who do nothing, who refuse to open their eyes”). The song talks about how we shall no longer tolerate these folks, calling them albatrosses dragging us down. It gives us more motivation to combat self-centered behavior in our society! The message is delivered with even more urgency and intensity thanks to the drum snare!

In the song “Immediate Improvement,” the character serves as a judge and executioner for those convicted of a variety of offenses, including drug possession, distribution, manufacturing, prostitution, and gambling. To eradicate their ancestry from society, he is putting them and their families to death. However, is he correct? It would appear so from the clapping and cheers that follow each of his deadly words.

We move on to “Is this.” Waves can be heard continuously in the background of the music, along with sporadic other natural sounds. The melody. Throughout the song, the poetic joy gradually peels back the layers of censorship to reveal its actual meaning (“censorship, therefore, is a deliberate attack”). He illustrates how limited vocabulary or input might lead to limited absorption of knowledge. I appreciate you bringing this crucial information to our attention!

“Formulae Far Beyond” offers a compelling perspective on the freedom to practice any religion or no religion at all. The persona thinks that because there are so many negative things happening, these so-called gods aren’t doing a good job or aren’t doing things the correct way (“anguish, torture, fear, pain”). and hopes that these gods will improve things

The next song is called “Last Song of Jesus, The Christ,” and it begins with some ethereal, meditative noises that recur throughout. It discusses how carrying a sharp object, for whatever reason, makes the bearer perceived as the enemy. This is a deep tune full of analogies, but the meditative sounds make it eventually calming.

Another poetic work is “The Original Sin.” The song charges some individuals with being followers of Satan and discusses how the cross has been perverted.

“In response” comes next. In the song, he discusses his prophetic status, his role in combating stereotypes, and his battles for the good of humanity. The song’s distorted vocal treatment is menacing and produces an intriguing soundtrack.

In the song “Lake Orion Chat and Communications,” The Prophet relates the harrowing tale of his former fiancée, who is currently living with a white supremacist narcissist who coerces her into doing terrible things. He claims that every time he posts information online to try to enlist the public’s assistance in helping him find her, the information is removed in an attempt to shield this narcissist. His narration is filled with a deep sense of desperation and sorrow as he describes how irritated and terrified he is for his friend’s safety.

“Better than and Equal to, so sue me” comes next. This song builds on the previous one, in which the prophet enumerates all the reasons he is superior to the new narcissist she is seeing and welcomes the threat of being taken to court to demonstrate his emotional and physical prowess to her. He tells her how beautiful she is and calls the other man a monster. Even if his speech is a little harsh and unpolished, it is still a wonderful declaration of love that will make any woman swoon.

The song “Business of Managing Uncertainty” is the following one. The song has an abundance of wonderful lyrics. The entirety of life and everything in between are the subjects of the song. Although there are a lot of words used, they are done elegantly and tastefully so as not to appear clumpy.

The song that comes next is titled “Unlike Snowflakes.” This song takes you on a poetic and educational voyage. It contains a wealth of insightful knowledge on how our mental and physical states are correlated, how long-term relationships demand effort until death, and how you never stop learning and connecting till the end of your life. I am so grateful that The Prophet shared this essential message

The next song is called “Sexist Security.” In essence, this song is a jest about a security guard who dies and enters heaven, where he jokes to St. Peter about having an intimate relationship with the four sisters who reside next door. Remarkably, St. Peter is impressed by his story and grants him entry into paradise.

“P’oer Edgar” is a somber and contemplative number The persona asks you what your blurb would reveal about yourself and your life after finding a book and reading the synopsis, which leads him to infer the author’s life. The insightful remarks cause you to reflect on the direction and form of your life as well as your own life. This is a powerful song that will make you reflect deeply on yourself!

“Do not be wary” is the last song on the album and it reassures us not to fear life because “there is no way out but through.” This parting advice will reassure listeners, and they will treasure these words long after the final note fades.

Although I welcomed the reality bombs this album dropped on me, I was not ready for them. I am very grateful that this record made me feel so deeply! The Prophet Obblonge was honest and direct, speaking candidly about both social and individual realities. I can’t wait to see his next endeavor because he blew the popsicle stand with this one.

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