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Greetings to all my dearest readers and music enthusiasts worldwide! Today on our blog we share the awesomeness of the band THE VANITIES . Adam Hill (bass guitar/synths) and Rhys Bradley (vocals/guitar) form the Cardiff-based electro-rock duo THE VANITIES. Their much-lauded debut album “2001” and the critically acclaimed singles “London” and “Private Army” were released previously. These releases resulted in extensive exposure and invited appearances by 80s luminaries Tony Hadley and Peter Cox on their sold-out tours.

The band makes a powerful comeback in April 2024 with “Just Passing Thru,” their new AA side single. Sit back and let me tell you about the single

Bob Fitzgerald is featured in the song’s opening section. A lovely choral introduction and guitar strums open this country-inspired song. The Jammy remix, including a lot of drumming and a Little Rock vibe, is the next section of the song. Despite being similar, both songs are really different from one another and will give you a great ride!

Award-winning country music performer Bob Fitzgerald appears on Side A, lending his distinctive voice to the song. “Just Passing Thru,” which has a gospel and country music arrangement, is a devastating message about love, grief, enjoying the little moments and experiences in life and the value of living life to the fullest. (“There’s not much that I want, not much that I need just the air in these lungs that I’m breathing “)The song is an immediate classic.

Super producer Jammy, based in South Wales, has created an explosive remix, dubbed Side AA. The Jammy Remix is a smash song ready for release, combining elements of rock, country, and funk to create an enticing modern pop treat.

The choral sounds in side A gave it a heavenly feel. There is a guitar solo in there that will make you weep! The Jammy remix has an outstanding electrical guitar solo that gives the song a rock edge. It’s incredible how the same song can be made to sound two different ways and I applaud THE VANITIES for creating this classic!!

THE VANITIES have managed to create a song in two different genres without boring you. You will instantly fall in love with this song no matter the genre of music you are drawn to. This is an incredible feat that needs to be celebrated thoroughly! The band has enormous talent and are going to shine so bright in the music industry!

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