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The “Wingspan” Album By Hana Piranha Is a Dark, Twisted Fantasy.

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The album “Wingspan” is the work of UK-based singer-songwriter and band Hana Piranha. Instead of self-destruction, the record is about self-motivation. Together, Hana’s bandmates Jim on guitars, Andy on drums, and Mishkin on bass take listeners on a daring and melodic voyage. The album, which was recorded on November 17, 2023, consists of 12 tracks. The fact that multi-talented instrumentalist Hana spent more than three years working on this album shows how much effort and commitment went into it. Please unwind and let me tell you about this album masterpiece in the review that follows.

The album opens with a gentle and endearing track called “Azure.” They use this song to create magic by telling a sweet tale about how they are lost to the tide also album’s core topic is that of hopelessness so the song is the ideal way to start. The soft tone, a warm guitar strum, and steady, rhythmic background drumming all work together to produce a pleasant atmosphere that grabs your attention right away. In addition to enhancing the performance, the album’s serene male voices provide a lovely sensory effect with multiple layers of intricate musical workmanship that appeal to a wide range of listeners

The energetic and rock-inspired opening to the song “I wanna leave” changes the album’s overall vibe. Hana Piranha wrote and performed the song, which gives the record a burst of lively energy. This time, they showcase their creative abilities, particularly with the song’s drum element. As the persona feels like they have nothing left and are unable to breathe, the song “I wanna leave” explores the idea of maybe leaving Earth. The song’s memorable melody and catchy delivery make it stand out, especially as the song transforms into a carousel-style piece of music. Hana also gives a stunning vocal performance towards the conclusion, along with an intriguing tune and a grandiose musical arrangement.

“Lorelei “ is next on the album roster, it begins with a nice and steady synth-like description of a very spectacular woman named Lorelei. The song immediately envelopes you as you listen to it. The steady instrumental arrangement of the music instruments makes it an excellent listen and will send shivers down your spine.

Moving on, we are going to talk about “The Devil Always Pulls Through “Hana shows off her musical range in this song. The bass guitar solo stands out in this song because the riffs are amazingly good. The song’s lyrics and raspy melody talk about the uncertainty about death and where one goes after death. The guitar and piano aspects intertwined in the song give it a nice gravitas and lead to an interesting and enjoyable audio experience.

“Only Love Remains “is just like the title sounds. The song is a slow, sad song with a bluesy vibe. It is a welcome change of pace in the album listening experience. The song talks about how after everything that happens in life ultimately it is only love that remains It’s a song that tells a story about learning to appreciate love because when it comes down to It it is All we have. It’s an introspective and deep self-reflection song. Again the amazing vocals, drums, and electric guitar tied together take you on another emotional journey.

Next is “Hurt the ones you love”. This song may start slow but its lyrics are very deep. It talks about the inevitability of hurting the ones you love The arrangement of the song effectively moves between the vocals and electric piano giving its message some depth.

Different from the previous songs, “Elixir of Life” is a thought-provoking song that addresses vanity and the transient nature of beauty. Once more, the track’s standout instrument is the drumming. With his amazing musical performance and lyrical skill, Hana Piranha once again demonstrates wonderful musical talents and takes listeners on a voyage that suggests, “Hey, beauty isn’t everything.

“Left Me Here to Die “ is a more deeper and personal experience with a Little blues background. The song delves into the persona’s state of mind which happens to be confused or messed up, they talk about how he or she is broken and will never heal and reflects his or her current and fragile state of mind. In this song, they also talk about how left behind he or she feels The song has a light beat mixed with piano and violin which makes for a beautiful finish. The violin solo is devastatingly beautiful and will leave you gasping and send chills down your spine.

“ Requiem” is another pivot that is happily welcome, with its rock-infused sound it brings some beauty to this record. The song talks about a repose for the persona. He or she talks about how he or she wants to be remembered after death. The lyrics are easy to catch on and the song is catchy and enjoyable even though it has a dark undertone.

The next song is titled “ Black Horse “. This song has an ethereal rhythm and classical overtones. The song’s theme is that of breaking out of a certain mold. The song has a bluesy overtones and the group switches between high and low notes and electric guitar work reflects the sense of urgency that they are trying to relay.

“Another Life” is the next song on the album. This song though with its dark undertones can be described as a love song. The persona is stating clearly and repeatedly that he or she will be waiting for his or her lover in another life. The repetition of the lyrics fundamentally drives home the amount of loyalty the persona has for his or her lover even in death, the song moves between rock style and bluesy styles and makes for a thrilling listening experience.

The album is completed by the incredibly beautiful “Wingspan“. This song is another introspective song that ties up the album beautifully. It highlights the insecurities of life and the prospect of feeling invisible Hannah’s voice emotes beautifully along with some amazing electric guitar creating a great emotional and audio climax that will stay with you the listener

Overall, Wingspan by Hana Piranha is a brilliant album that showcases the band’s wide range of musical talents, and their flexibility as an artist and shines a light on them as master lyricists. Each song was carefully crafted from a serene acoustic background, majestic piano playing, and electric guitar performances. Each song had a story to tell and carried a strong important, and impactful message which is what music is all about. The band’s reflective lyrics along with their amazing musical talents take listeners on an imaginative musical journey. In listening to the album you can tell the thought that was put into every lyric, song, and musical arrangement and it reflects the time and love injected into this record. They have an amazing career ahead and I’m excited to see what’s next

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