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Hi music lovers and cherished readers today we feature the work of the brilliant UK-based artist Tim Holehouse.On March 1, 2024, renowned musician Tim Holehouse—best known for his avant-garde sound and engaging live performances—is scheduled to release his new album” Year.”

“Year”, which was co-produced at Big Dog Studios by Tim van Doorn, is expected to mark a turning point in Tim’s professional life. The twelve-track album includes live staples such as “Summer in Abandonment” and “Bears in Winter Jackets and Summer in Abandonment.”

Year’s producer, Tim van Doorn, put his trademark touch to the record by enhancing the overall sound with guitar and percussion components. Van Doorn worked extensively on the album. Year also has contributions from a variety of pals as guests, enhancing the musical fabric of the CD.

“Year “has an amazing lineup of gifted musicians, including (but not limited to) Pete Wright of Millie Manders and the Shut Up, Ducking Punches, and Bad Ideas. J. Francis Harvey, who was one of Kendall’s and plays bass in Tim’s live band The Escape Ghosts, also contributes supporting vocals and bass skills. Kieran O’Malley, who performed on Tim’s last album Come, contributes his violin skills to Holehouse’s most recent endeavor. Let’s get into the details of this album.

The title track of this album is also called “ Year” which begins with an electrifying electric guitar sound that surrounds you as you listen. The song is about the feeling you get when the year is about to start. There is this feeling of optimism that envelops you as you feel like anything is possible. The song gives off the same vibe and the electric guitar solo??? MARVELOUS AND OUTSTANDING !!!. The song excites you as you begin to wonder about the rest of the songs ahead.

Next is “A Letter from Index to Infinity “ another rock song that is about the persona who is trying to write a letter as his death is upon him but cannot find the right words. He knows he’s running out of time but is feeling stuck. The vocal performance is raw and intense and relays the urgency that the persona is feeling creating a fantasy and world for listeners.

The third song is titled “Rebirth”. The song is a subtle shift in the tone of the album with its delicate guitar strum and steady drum beat progression. The song is about change and in it the persona feels like a phoenix rising from the ashes, like the change during spring. His constant repeat of (“I feel a rebirth”) perfectly captures how he’s feeling and the vocal performance and musical style invite you into his headspace to also feel the change as well.

“Turn” is another upbeat song that is about April and in it, the persona is talking about change in seasons and facing the tide which he doesn’t fear because he has his love by his side. The drum solo in this is perfect is matches the rest of the musical instruments as well as the crisp and beautiful vocal performance!

“Animal” is another high-energy rock song that is about the persona telling his friends not to fear him because he’s not an animal. The song is very passionate and intense and so is the vocal performance. This song will be a delight to listen to live!

With “Brighter Days “ the album slows down a little. The theme of the song is the hope for brighter days, for a time in the future when everything is okay. The harmonies and vocals in this song are beautiful and the lyrics are introspective. The result is a beautiful and delightful soundscape.

Next is “Summer in Abandonment “ another upbeat song that will make you feel like it’s summertime and at the beach with your feet in the ocean. The song details the persona’s personal summer experiences and things that he did to pass the time. The descriptive nature of the lyrics and the delivery of the lyrics and musical structure will make you feel like it’s summertime no matter the season it is, what a rare quality for a song to possess!

“For All the Crows” is another shift in the album that is welcome. The song is a dark ballad that talks about death and the end. The violin sounds in this are delicate and heavenly. The vocal performance is very moving and flawless and takes you on an emotional sonic adventure.

“Autumn Leaves” follows suit with a hauntingly beautiful violin harmony and melody. The song talks about cozying up with your partner near a fire on a nice autumn evening. The sound of the cackling fire at the end of the song makes the listening that much more realistic and enjoyable!

“Dark Days “ is yet another rock song. The song talks about facing hardships head-on as they come. The vocal performance oscillates from high to low and creates a strong and unique sound that the listener will love!

Next is “Bears in Winter Jackets” a song about winter. The song has a country feel to it and the lyrics together with the enthralling vocal performance and impressive whistle sounds create this fantastic and inescapable earworm.

The album ends with “Conclusion “ which begins with beautiful guitar sounds. The year talks about the year ending and the seasons changing and assures his loved one that the constant is that he is going to be there for her. The message of the song is beautiful and the violin sounds stand out and set this song apart from the others and ends the album in a remarkably beautiful and charming way.

“Year “marks a significant musical shift for Tim from his earlier work. This release is a daring investigation into a more plain rock sound, earning comparisons to “emo grunge” or “the most 90s album not recorded in the 90s.” “Year “represents the next development in his artistic style. He took his time to make this record and created each song with precise details, lyrics, and unique genres and musical instruments. Did I enjoy it ?? YES!! Would I recommend it to others?? I WOULD!!

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