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Trav B Ryan The River

Trav B Ryan Returns With “The River”

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Straight from Brooklyn, rapper Trav B Ryan back again with this dope tune titled “The River”.

The River Styx carrying away wayward souls through the alleys of his hood is the subject of Trav B Ryan song “The River.” The streets were overrun with criminals. The block was drenched in blood. The river is formed by the tears of mothers whose sons have been murdered. As Trav B Ryan stands there watching, it washes us away.

Travis Ryan Bramble is a talented young singer and philanthropist with years of songwriting and music experience. Born on January 25th, 1988, in Brooklyn, New York, he aspired to change the world through song and art as a young boy. Travis is most proud of his extensive activism and hobbies, and he plans to use them to further his music career and spread his message of love.

His life’s accomplishments and craft are a constant reminder of his odd sense of self. He wants to use his position and life story to inspire others to appreciate themselves and those who are different from them. “Once they hear that I occasionally rhyme about Comic book characters or Zodiac signs, they instinctively think I’m a cringe-worthy niche rapper,” Trav B added regarding the misunderstandings about his music he had to overcome. Then they hear my music, and their minds are swiftly changed.”

Listen to Trav B Ryan The River song below.

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