Gloomy June 'This Party Is A Warzone'

Gloomy June – This Party Is A Warzone (Official Music Video)

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Gloomy June return with another toe-tapping song in the style of ‘This Party Is A Warzone,’ following up on their tremendously popular effort ‘Always Gonna Let You Down’.

The new song from gloomy june, a San Francisco-based Indie Rock band, “This Party Is A Warzone,” is an infectiously catchy new piece with an excellent blend of sounds. The listener is thrown into a pleasant trip of dancey instrumentals, creative transitions, and spot-on production as hypnotic voice performance takes centre stage.

“This Party Is A War Zone” is a pop-rock song about savouring fleeting moments in the present. Gloomy June was written in mid-2021, as music venues began to reopen, and it speaks of a sense of desperation at these events, as well as a jubilant and raucous atmosphere. This song follows on from the previous one, and it’s about partying like your life relies on it, but with the knowing that it won’t last forever, so enjoy it while you can.

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‘This Party Is A Warzone,’ written in the middle of 2021, just as live music establishments were reopening their doors, captures the split in sentiments many felt at the moment. While it was amazing to see music on a stage again, many individuals weren’t comfortable socialising with other fans at the time, and their new tune highlights the conflicting emotions and sensations that many people had at the time. ‘This Party Is A Warzone’ provides us another bright and high taste of what gloomy june is all about, continuing their fresh and daring approach within the pop-rock sound, shooting off outstanding hooks throughout. They’re having a lot of fun, are bouncy, and infectious, and they’re making a reputation for themselves all over the world.

Listen to Gloomy June ‘This Party Is A Warzone’ song below.

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