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Sarantos Party in Texas

Sarantos Surprises Us With “Party in Texas”

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Sarantos’ “Party in Texas” is a pure celebration of the wide-open American west. Everything about it has a festive feel to it. Sarantos does everything big in a section of the country where huge is everything. Guitar chords soar into the skies with wild abandon, as if they were pure forces of nature. The track has a gladness to it, one that truly loves the wonderful state of Texas, and that western twang looms huge over it. Layer upon layer blends together because everything is alive.

Sarantos, a Chicago-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, has consistently released one single each month for the past eight years. April 2022 will be no different, as the creative musician continues his audio journey. Sarantos’ “Party In Texas” follows his first-ever Greek language single, “Τα δακρια μoυ (My Tears Fall)” (an iTunes international music success!). A lyric video and an official music video are available, like with all previous releases.

Sarantos is not your typical musician; he brings something new to the table every week, month, and year to keep the audience on their toes, and he has amassed a wide network of over 300 million listeners during his career. His name has appeared on top-charting music playlists and won prizes, and his journey since saying “I do” in November 2012 has been nothing short of spectacular. It’s not just about making music for him; it’s about having a profound connection with it and believing in what he’s made. He spends time crafting timeless songs that are both profound and emotive. He is that power reimagined, transforming dreams and emotions into memories and feelings while flawlessly balancing his signature music and emotional vibes!

Long live the king is back with “Party in Texas,” a genuine spring party tune and anthem that smells of fire and vibes right from the opening, where the guitar and rocky drum percussion play to their strengths, merging in fashionable form to construct a melodic spark for the ages! This song is a masterwork in the rock and bright pop genre method, brimming with rocky extravagance and exploding with twanging rock vocals by Sarantos.

The catchy chorus and pre-chorus are played with a remarkable sense of showmanship and awe-inspiring musicianship, and at the end of this moving piece, the listener agrees with the performer that there is nothing better than a party in Texas! Sarantos uses a buffet of alternate rockgenre euphony, sweeping arpeggios, tremendous call and response magic, and other unique rhythmic flourishes to endearingly beautify this tune and ensure that it functions as a true composition best appreciated on the dance floor!

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