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Jon Othello, an amazing artist from the Isles of Scilly, and Elle Flores, a wonderful talent from Noir Deux Peace, are the West Wickhams. Famously known as the “island of lost souls,” Tresco is home to shipwrecked figureheads and subtropical vegetation. They have moved to Richmond, Surrey, where the beasts are in charge. West Wickhams are a fictional rival band to the Bromley Contingent, the quintessential punk outfit.

The following things have influenced them: Optical illusions, Halloween, mist, autumn, Whitby Abbey, pipe organs, flowers, polka-dot cats, dark punk, abstract painting, euphoria, mist, and rock ‘n’ roll autobiographies; Edgar Allan Poe. The band has released an EP titled “Vivre Sa Vie” which was released on 5th January. The EP which has a total of 7 songs will take you on an amazing musical ride. Let me tell you more about these amazing songs.

“I am Sparkling Cyanide” is the opening track and while the song begins with a strong drum beat it is deeply infused with electrical guitar sounds. The song talks about being beautiful yet deadly thus the use of two opposite words as the title. The vocal performance is flawless and amazing and is the perfect “hello you’re welcome, please stay” for the listener

The next track is titled “The Maddening Crowd”. The song is dark and mystical and has this electric piano and electric guitar mix that is quite pleasing to the ear. The song is about a crowd of people enjoying music and the performance is raw and sweet. The song is a thrilling sonic experience

“Carla Suspiria” is the next song on the EP and it begins with a funky and amazing bass guitar sound and electronic piano flourishes. The background vocals give this song an ethereal and heavenly feeling that you will feel deep within you

“I’m spinning I’m spinning” is next on the roster. The song is this synth-infused song that talks about losing control. The repetition of the line “I’m spinning “ really pushes the urgency of how the persona is feeling. It opens up a portal to another dimension for the listener

The next song on the EP is called “At the Cinema” which begins with a great drum beat foundation before the electric guitar joins in. The persona describes in detail his personal experience at the cinema and invites listeners to see what happened as well. The song is fantastic and creates a vivid picture that will allow listeners to briefly escape reality

“The Conformist” begins with unorthodox and unique triangle sounds that stand out throughout the song. As the title suggests the song is about a person who is a stickler for the rules, someone who abides by tradition. The electronic piano flourish at the end brings the whole song together creating a musical masterpiece that listeners will enjoy

“Damned Defiant!” Is a welcome change of pace in the EP. With its layering and fusion of musical instruments, the song stands out with its oscillating between various musical instruments. A job well done as far as closing the EP is concerned

Overall, “Vivre Sa Vie” by West Wickhams is a dark and mystical musical tale inspired by the drops of water on a leaf that reflects the countless wonders of nature and is like a tiny universe. Natural art is created by nature, which creates a symphony of color and light with every drop of water on a leaf. The intricate relationship between a leaf and a drop of water illustrates how all living things are intertwined. Every song embodies this notion of interconnection and contains levels and levels of intense musical harmony completely flattered by the awesome vocals. The band is very talented and I can’t wait to see what they put out next

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