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Welcome back dearest readers and music lovers and everyone in the music community, let’s welcome to our blog beloved music artist and songwriter Pam Ross who is based in North Carolina in the United States. Fellow music lovers listeners and lovers of ‘Pam music’ get ready to be amazed by her recent release titled “Better than a good Thing” which was released on the 20th of December. With her unique music style of rock, Americana, and a touch of country music, Ross talks about the ups and downs of life and the value of finding affection and support from those closest to us. Just relax as I talk you through the details of this very heartwarming song

“Better than a Good Thing” welcomes you with a warm and twangy acoustic guitar that gives you gives you a cozy and fuzzy feeling inside. Ross’s crisp, beautiful, and strong voice then takes you on this musical journey as she sings about the journey of life itself and the importance of holding on to the things that matter. The whole performance is very moving and will be sure to tug at your heartstrings

Lyrically the song gives you this nostalgic feeling as Ross uses her excellent songwriting skills to talk about life and love in general and gratitude for things we have. Lines like “life is never perfect “, it’s better than a payday on Friday “ and “it’s better than a good thing”. Paint a very clear of what Ross is trying to tell listeners and that message is quite simple “Hold on to the people and things you love because they are what will get you through the tough times and be grateful to have them” which is a very impactful message to put in a song. The constant repetition of the line “it’s better than a good thing” really drive home what Ross is trying to communicate through the song

When it comes to production the song was executed perfectly, the twangy guitars, the subtle bass guitar tones, the drums and the stripping of the other musical instruments make this song a great sonic experience. It is no surprise that this song is one of her most requested songs during her live performances. It’s truly a delight!

All in all, Pam Ross’ “ Better Than a Good Thing” is a beautiful melody that is made up of excellent musicianship, great instrumentals (especially the beautiful guitar), skilled lyrics, and a majestic vocal performance. It is not your typical country song as it has hints of a little bit of rock and Americana as I stated earlier most country songs do not have. The song also has a very sweet and endearing message that will resonate with anyone, it is a great song for all music fans and all ages and will fit great on any playlist.

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