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Greetings and welcome one and all to our esteemed blog. Today we feature multitalented Arkansas-based artist Zach McKenzie. After winning his local talent competition and competing in the famous American Idol, Zach has continued to make music and today he is sharing his latest song called “The Day That I found You”. The track was released on the 29th of March. Let me tell you more about this wonderful tune.

The sheer emotion and accessible lyrics of this deep and sincere ballad, which features McKenzie’s powerful vocals and emotive songwriting, are sure to capture listeners.

The song’s lyrics revolve around a character who lists all the ways that meeting his special someone has improved his life. (“It was the day my dreams came true.”)He felt as though his life had not yet begun until he encountered the woman who would ultimately change it (“the day that I found you was the day my life got started”). The lyrics are clear-cut and uncomplicated, and the song has a catchy melody. How lovely it is to be in love, oh! And Zach beautifully, powerfully, and optimistically expresses that feeling!

The song is a country infused song with classic gospel influences. The electric guitar solo meshed with Zach and his back up singer’s vocals were fantastic and they “take you to church “ with this beautifully crafted love song!

I see more in “The Day That I Found You” than merely a song. It describes the wonderful aspects of finding love and having a partner! I’m grateful to Zach for using this wonderful song to spread love and positivity.

This song, which displays Zach McKenzie’s distinctive fusion of Gospel, Country, and Soul influences, is a monument to his talent and musicianship. The song is expected to strike a chord with listeners and solidify McKenzie’s status as a rising star in the music business thanks to its sincere lyrics and emotional performance

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