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9 o’clock Nasty Releases Latest Track “Darker Star”

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Powerful British trio 9 o’clock Nasty and unrelenting hit-making machine shares “Darker Star,” the second single after the most recent release of the “Politic” EP. This is the band’s most analogue single to date, and as usual, it is backed by a silly music video that plays with tarot and astrology.

The musical boundaries are obviously being pushed by all the tracks, and “Darker Star” is no exception. The band’s signature style is present in the single, along with several odd sounds and nods to alternative rock from the 1990s, including significant amounts of grunge, garage rock, pop, and indie. The chorus of the song, which has a catchy sound and strong riffs, will linger in the listener’s mind and enthral him with all the charisma and unique sense of humour of this band.

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The chorus and attitude in this song, which were influenced by punk rock songs, are noteworthy since they discuss how some individuals have their lives predetermined before they are even born; in this case, they are “Darker Stars” and do not always have the same success in life as other people. Only 9 o’clock Nasty is capable of making such an engaging contemplation with an unmatched aural atmosphere.

9 o’clock Nasty continues to blow our speakers with their unique and fantastic releases after the incredible and recent EPs, “Dust,” “Dank,” “Growl,” “Cut,” and “Politic.” Never content, the band keeps releasing new songs in digital form and new works quickly to demonstrate how hard they work and how much they enjoy what they do. The musicians enjoy themselves while playing their instruments and making bizarre music films that may be viewed on YouTube. The albums are simple to listen to and a nice addition to the playlist. The band’s decision to deviate from convention and try something new is its strongest feature and what makes the work interesting.

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