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After calling out Victoria, David’s wife, for her “working class” confession, the director of “Beckham” ordered David to leave.

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Stevens recounted a specific incident that went viral on social media, in which David chastised his wife for saying she was raised in a “working class” home. Stevens revealed that the exchange was entirely spontaneous and that David wasn’t meant to be at home.

Since Victoria was our first interview, I must admit that I was unaware David was taking notes. According to Stevens, “He was supposed to be driving [his daughter] Harper to school.” “I guess he got back and decided that he was going to kind of listen in to the interview.”

He went on, “I have a wonderful cameraman, and when he popped in beyond the door, he just knew to go right on his face. It was fantastic, I knew that. But, I told him he had to go at the same time—oh my God. “Dude, you need to leave so I can speak with your wife,” I said. Hold on. However, I was quite happy that we had that.

Stevens went on, “His obsessive behaviour with everything was another aspect of him that I found fascinating. That’s the reason he gives all he does. If he doesn’t think he can handle it, he won’t undertake it. Whether it’s beekeeping, being a fantastic chef, or, of course, his obsession with tidying up and maintaining order. He was quite difficult for me to persuade to let me shoot some of that. He requested that I not.”

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