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Greetings music lovers and dearest readers, Let’s welcome US artist Emma Grace. Grace has released a 10-song album she has named “Changing”. The “Changing” album was released on 2nd June and will take you on a fantastic musical journey. Let’s talk more about the record

The title of the first song is called “Change”. The bold and beautiful piano sounds open up this song. The song is about a person who has reached adulthood and is trying to hold on to teenage years and is nostalgic about her younger days and so scared of adulthood”). The song further describes a person who is unsure of what to do(”I don’t know what I’m doing”). This is a song tells us that change is indeed scary but it will be okay (”change can be scary, obstacles will vary but I know l be okay”). The song is a song that starts rocky but ends with a hopeful note. This song welcomes you wholeheartedly to the record

Next is the song called “Second Doubts”. This song opens with very dreamy piano notes. The persona in the song is having second thoughts about the object of her admiration(”my mind is telling me yes but I won’t “). She also describes this person’s eyes providing that she has caught feelings (”his eyes are like the sea”). She is at war with her mind and her heart(”second doubts they take control”). The song is amazing and the instrumentation suits Grace’s voice creating an emotionally charged soundscape

The next song is a song called “Stupid “ The song is a beautiful change of pace within the album which has an upbeat intro. The song describes a liberated woman from a toxic relationship (”you flew too close to the sun “), (”I won’t be coming back for more”). She talks about how he had been gaslighting her and how she’s over it(” You’re so stupid”). This is a perfect anthem for a woman who has been scorned and it will captivate you throughout

“Dying with the Roses” is a song that has a very short intro. Grace sings about a persona who has completely lost all hope (“Nothing I do will be enough maybe it’s time I just give up”). She goes on to expose unreal expectations nothing I ever do will please you”). It is a sad song where someone feels so low that they want to end it all. I applaud Emma for shedding light on this song for people going through similar experiences


“Let it linger” The song starts with these beautiful piano sounds before the vocal performance sets in. The persona sings how much she still misses someone she’s no longer with (” You’re on my mind”). She talks about how she’s a to sleep without him (”It’s hard to sleep without you in my bed”). The character finally states that she wants the relationship that has ended to linger(”let it linger just a little longer”) the song is a somber song about loss and the song takes you on an emotive musical trip

“He’s Mine is yet another ballad that opens with very soft piano notes. The character in the song laments about her current situation it’s hard to fall in love when I’m not something anyone wants”). She further lists her criteria for a relationship (”I’m not picky, I don’t judge”) and explains that she just wants a happy ending. The song is tender and relatable and the vocal performance is just superb!

Next is the song “Til the End”. This song’s intro is a very sweet guitar melody. The song tells the story of a very supportive partner who is there through thick and thin(” I can’t see where I’m going but I know you’ll hold my hand til the end”). The character has become a home to his partner. The song is a lovely tune filled with endearing lyrics that will captivate you.

Next is the song titled “Feel Loved”. This is yet another slow song with dreamy guitar sounds in the beginning. A persona is a person feeling nostalgic(”everything is slowly changing”) In this reality the character feels alone and is struggling but is unable to (“but I can’t ask anyone else for help”). The song is also about a person who doesn’t feel like they belong in this generation and wants to feel loved (” What is it about this generation that makes me question why I exist”). The song will make you question your mortality and appreciate those who love you

The next song is called “I don’t know”. This is another song whose intro is that of lovely piano sounds. The song is about a person who has been held captive and is fed up and decides to break free(”I don’t know but I’m running”). The song is an anthem of independence and freedom even though it is a ballad

Next is the song called “Breathe”. The song has the most magnificent piano intro which is a heavenly solo. The melody seemed to change throughout the song but didn’t stray too far from the song’s melody. The whole performance is just tender and beautiful and this song ends the album in such a way that you think about it long after you listened to it

I’m so shaken right now and I feel differently, my emotions have been renewed and most importantly I felt seen, the songs were relatable and she touched on sensitive issues that will resonate with anyone feeling the same. Grace has created a safe space and is connecting with her listeners in a whole different way. I see big things in her future considering the size and capabilities of her talent

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