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Bones in Butter A Dystopian Love Song

Bones in Butter Releases Latest Song “A Dystopian Love Song”

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“A Dystopian Love Song” is a brand-new track from the Serbian musician Bones in Butter.

Their brand-new song, “A Dystopian Love Song,” is a soul-satisfying treat. Your heart is soothed by the guitar riffs and happy percussion beats of this song, which also makes you want to dance to its uplifting speed. The voices are drenched in reverb and blend flawlessly with the music as a whole, almost as if they were singing exclusively for you. This song, which sounds so vintage, is impossible not to enjoy (without feeling kitschy).

Bones in Butter has been performing since 2019, and their most recent song, “A Dystopian Love Song,” features the band’s final line-up, which includes bassist Deja Skopelja from the band U kripcu, Milutin Krasevic (vocals, synths, samples, music & lyrics), Luna Skopelja (vocals, synths), Todor Zivkovic (guitars, FX), and Tom Fedja Franklin from the band Fish in Oil (drums).

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The song’s easygoing vocal melodies and bright electric guitar chord progressions quickly dispel the song’s creepy ambiance and take it in a radically different and happier direction. “A Dystopian Love Song” opens with spectral voices and the chiming of bells. The track’s poetic lyrical portions are then further emphasised by an energetic bass line and relaxed percussion, while exuberant backup vocals perfectly highlight the vocal- and guitar melodies with a pleasingly ethereal aspect.

The band’s outstanding musical range, along with their excellent songwriting and musicianship, are all on full display in Bones in Butter’s newest single, which is truly entertaining to listen to throughout. Fans of peppy alternative/indie rock and dream pop should definitely check out this song.

There is a music video for “A Dystopian Love Song” that can be watch here.

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