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Celebrity insurance

Celebrity insurance: Top ten of the most extravagant insurance policies

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To insure one’s house, one’s car or to underwrite a life insurance policy, that is common practice. But who would pay an insurance premium for his/her thumb, legs or smile? Stars, of course.

Stars are underwriting new policies which are more and more common and are sometimes deemed «unreasonable», much to the delight of insurers who make of these policies their flag bearer.

Celebrity insurance

Zoom on celebrities’ most extravagant insurance covers

At the top of the ranking are the legs of Mariah Carey, worth 810 million USD: The diva became, in 2006, the Gillette brand muse for the advertising campaign «Legs of a Goddess». She then took out an insurance policy with London Lloyds to protect her legs, a decision that is far from being insignificant. Among its customers, the London insurer then included several icons of music, such as Bob Dylan or Rod Stewart.

David Beckham’s body insured for 195 million USD: European champion with Manchester United in 1999, David Beckham was in 2006 the most renowned footballer of the planet. In relation to his sporting activities, he took out an insurance cover for his legs. The huge amount paid for his insurance would reportedly exceed the 103 million USD disbursed by Real Madrid for the cover of Christiano Ronaldo in 2009. The fashion model would later extend his insurance cover to his entire body.

The singer Taylor Swift insured her legs for 44 million USD: At only 28, the singer estimated the value of her legs at 44 million USD. The perfectly-proportioned star decided to purchase cover for her legs before her world tour in May 2015.

Julia Roberts’ smile is worth 24.5 million USD: Crowned on several occasions the «most beautiful woman in the world», Julia Roberts, the «pretty woman», is endowed with the priciest smile in the history of the cinema. A smile that is beautiful enough to be insured for the sum of 24.5 million USD.

15 million USD in insurance for Kim Kardashian’s curves: The curves of Kim Kardashian are her number one beauty asset. The reality TV star, who is crazy about plastic surgery, has underwritten an insurance policy worth 15 million USD to protect her famous butt.

The pilot of Formula 1 Fernando Alfonso insured his thumbs for 11.7 million USD: The double world champion took out a cover for his thumbs. A bargain for his insurance company who put the Formula 1 pilot in the spotlight in order to promote their new insurance programme. The cover was underwritten in 2010, a few days before the Barcelona Grand Prix, as part of a road accidents campaign for the promotion of life insurance.

America Ferrara, star of the TV show «Ugly Betty», insured her smile for 11.5 million USD: In 2007, America Ferrara played the role of an assistant with a repulsive metallic smile in the series «Ugly Betty». She was then contacted by the brand of dental products Aquafresh. Within the framework of her partnership with Aquafresh, the actress took out an insurance cover to protect her teeth and her gums for the amount of 11.5 million USD. Part of the sales of the Aquafresh metal trays was devoted to the charitable organization «Smile for success». This action will make America Ferrara one of the first ambassadresses of Lloyd’s of London.

Bruce Springsteen has insured his voice for 9.3 million USD: While female singers would rather insure their legs or their breasts, the singer Bruce Springsteen has insured his vocal cords for 9.3 million USD; Once again and like other celebrities, it is with Lloyd’s that the singer has underwritten his policy.

Keith Richards insured his finger for 1.7 miliion USD: The Rolling Stones’ guitarist insured his right middle finger for the amount of 1.7 million USD. A work tool that is worth gold for the guitarist, making him essential for the group.

The culinary critic Egon Ronay assured his taste buds: The famous Hungarian culinary critic has insured his taste buds since 1957, for the amount of 400 000 USD. An original insurance policy which allows him to cover his sense of taste without which he will no longer be able to practice his job.

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