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Chad Lewine 35

Chad Lewine “35” Song Released

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Chad Lewine out with a minding blowing single, which he titled it “35”. The song 35 is Chad first release this year. The song is so interesting as the song talks about him wanting to buy a house at the age of thirty five but it’s so difficult to buy a house this days.

“35” will get your attention quickly when the vocals start. Since the storyline of the song is very unique.

Chad grew up in a typical suburb outside of Philadelphia. A natural born creator, Chad began making music and painting as a child. He also learned to express his creativity through web design.

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In 2011, he moved to Brooklyn, NY to pursue his artistic passions. Spending his 20s in NYC gave him the opportunity to create colorful abstract murals, art and music, connect with other creatives, learn the business side of creation, and expand and improve his skills along the way. Throughout his time in NYC, his art was shown in multiple group and solo shows, and he painted many murals and large scale paintings wherever he was allowed. He also briefly ran a streetwear brand which featured his artwork in a print-all-over format.

After spending an experimental year in Rochester, NY during the pandemic, Chad is back in his hometown of Landsale, PA painting and creating with more a focused intention than ever before. An intention to raise the vibration of all people and places his work touches. Chad is taking on new mural and smaller piece commission projects, anywhere in the world.

Listen to Chad Lewine ’35’ song below.

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