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Clifford Can We Dance To This

Clifford Hit Back Again With “Can We Dance To This”

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Can We Dance To This, a new track by Clifford, was recently released. The concept of the song is now incredibly intriguing. Do you accept love? This song is entirely about the exhilarating pleasure of meeting someone new. The beginning of “Can We Dance To This” begins with lively music with a retro feel. The placement of the piano, drums, and incredible guitar riffs in the musical composition is flawless. Listeners are transported to the 1970s by “Can We Dance To This.” When the song ends, you’ll surely start nodding your head and might even start dancing.

Clifford exhibits a deep appreciation of all genres of music, drawing inspiration from musicians as diverse as Yo-Yo Ma and The Temptations to Johnny Cash and Kate Bush. Eclectic, to put it mildly, his tracks show off a stunning variety, veering from electronic pop to soul in one tune. After the blazing single “Too Big Too Strong,” Clifford switches to a bouncy, toe-tapping sound with “Can We Dance To This.” With 60s soul, funk, pop, and a hint of R&B, “Can We Dance To This” evokes memories of the Motown era in a nostalgic way. Even though he sings in the style of The Temptations and Kool & The Gang, the song has a current edge that keeps it retro in feel.

We can hear (or rather, hear) Clifford’s personality in his work since he puts all of himself into each song. Quick Quick Slow’s approach to relationships was sensual, whereas “Can We Dance To This” is more contemplative. People were significantly impacted by the last two years of seclusion in many different ways, particularly when it came to relationships. Families split up, friends went missing, and the prospect of falling in love was all but abandoned. Clifford not only points out these problems, but he also instils optimism that we will eventually find someone or something to admire. Can We Dance To This, he says, “exemplifies my feelings of delight to know that they’re living,” even though he hasn’t yet found his soul partner.


My song #canwedancetothis released today!!! So excited to finally share it with you all. 🙌🏻 #dance #music #summer #love #fyp #artist

♬ Can We Dance To This – Clifford

Can We Dance To This has heartfelt, affecting lyrics, but it’s the rhythm that gets you tapping your fingers. Despite having a strong piano-led arrangement with a sense of simplicity, the song still contains depth in its melody and lyrical. It’s as if we were cast adrift on a shimmering sonic river and covered in a delicate bubblegum pink blanket of joy. Maybe a silver thread woven within a multicoloured sound tapestry. In either case, listening to “Can We Dance To This” will make you truly happy.

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