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Ericky All you need

Ericky Uplift Us With “All you need”

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The modern Gospel messenger is an evolved one. She is informed and sophisticated in thought, continually negotiating between humanity’s immanence and the behest of eternity. She realizes the recognition of either does not negate the other. Instead, doing so helps to form the depth and complexity of the message needed to reach and aid the masses. Ericky is an example of the former, and her latest musical offering, All you need, is a sound that will uplift people when they are feeling alone, most, afraid.

Greenville native Ericky will indeed uplift your spirit with this slow but spiritual & motivational song, which she titled “All you need.” Her voice is so amazing that will kin you to the song, the beat has a fill of cinematic vibes in it. For me i believe her voice is one that can bring the presence of God in a building.

But wait do we still have such a talent existing? It’s been a while i head such a touching tune. Ericky needs to be watched out for. Her career is about to explode if she keeps delivering such songs.

Listen to Ericky All you need song below.

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