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Hello to all my devoted readers and music fans. Let’s give a warm welcome to the US artist “Fake Bears”. EJ is the persona behind Fake Bears. His sound is alt-pop, but his most recent release diverts into the rock territory (emo and pop-punk influenced). The title of this recent release is a 4-song EP titled “Fake Bears…but ROCK!!!1!11!!1!!” and was released on 11th June. EP is very high-energy, catchy, and loads of fun. There are key solos too! Let me tell you more about it

The first song on the EP is called “Uninterested”. The song begins with some pop and what seems to be a finger-snap-like sound. His voice is so beautiful as he sings about heartbreak. The song is about a character who has been hurt by someone he cares for(“It’s like it’s fun for you to break my heart, break my heart”). After pining for a while he asks her point blank if she’s interested in him(“Just let me know if you’re interested”). The song had a sad story but the melody is just so catchy and the guitar solo was amazing this song welcomes you to the EP

Next is the song “Ascend… but ROCK!!!1!11!!1!!This song is energetic right from the get-go. The song talks about a survivor who has risen about everything that held him down and is rising to a much better life(“leave behind the darkest night, ascend into a better life”). The song is very inspiring, and the electric guitar is so exciting and creates a fantastic sonic experience for listeners.

“Terrified…but ROCK!!!1!11!!1!! Is the title of the song on the EP. The intro of the song is this fusion of electric guitar and drum sounds. The song describes a persona who has reached a crossroads and needs to make a transition but is still holding on to memories(“Here I am stuck in the past, trying to make those memories last”). He knows he has to let go but he’s afraid (“I know I have to let go but I’m so terrified”). The instrumentation on this song deserves a standing ovation, especially the drums. This song will be so excited to hear this live

The last song on the EP is “Scared of the Dark…but ROCK!!!1!11!!1!!”. This intro is yet another thrilling and vibrant intro. The character in the song has found someone who he can trust and completely let go because the person accepts all the parts of him(“You allow me to let go and take and take off the mask”). He further reveals that she has allowed him to heal and conquer all of his fears(“because when I’m here with you I’m not scared of the dark”). The song is fast-paced but takes you on a rollercoaster of colorful instruments and melodies. With this beautiful song ends the EP

Fake Bears has made a solid EP that you can rock to, dance to, and feel joy through, whether it’s just you or when you’re when you are with friends. Each song was amazing and had a message, as a result, any of the songs can stand independently but together as a whole like this, it’s a musical nuke that is ready to take on anything. Fake Bears is very talented and will excel in the music industry

Stream the “Fake Bears…but ROCK!!!1!11!!1!!” EP on Spotify or SoundCloud

Follow Fake Bears on here and his socials; Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

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