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Greetings lovely music fans and my previous readers. Let’s welcome Park-based artist Gary Dranow. Dranow gave a compelling performance in “Dad” and made us all feel things. He entertained and electrified us with the mind-blowing “Ripping” and he’s collaborated again with the fantastic band The Manic Emotions to deliver another fantastic tune which is titled “ Never Give Up”. The song was released on 29th February and is an upbeat song, that delivers a moving message of tenacity in the face of adversity and perfectly captures the band’s skillful fusion of rock and storytelling. Let’s get into the details of the song, shall we?

The song is a little country-fused and the guitar foundation is beautiful and elegant. Dranow then begins this hauntingly beautiful vocal performance as he delivers the timeless message of never backing down in life no matter what happens. Get ready to be taken on one unforgettable musical journey!!

Let’s talk about the lyrics and message of the song which examines themes of tenacity and the value of resilience under trying circumstances. It acts as an anthem for people facing challenges, giving them inspiration and motivation to keep going. The song is a testament to the unbreakable nature of the human spirit no matter how tough things get. In the song, Dranow acknowledges how difficult things can get (” You know it will be forever a struggle “) but charges listeners to keep going no matter what because they will get their reward in the long run. (” Don’t shy away from the fight, you know something is waiting for you, your own pot of gold”) . These lyrics combined with the nature of the instruments and Dranow’s amazing vocals create this rousing sound that will immediately elevate your mood and uplift you!

With melancholy lyrics and stirring tunes, the song expresses the necessity of enduring in the face of adversity. Kudos to Jason Jones for bringing his technical know-how to mix and produce this song, but I can’t just credit Jason because it was a collective effort of love that was put into this spectacular song and the electric guitar solo was to die for! This is a genius masterpiece and we couldn’t ask for more!

Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions keep proving time and again that they mean business when it comes to their music. This song is a classic example of a labor of collective love and fantastic storytelling. The song promotes a “can-do attitude “ and inspires you in every aspect. Just when I thought they were done, they struck again! They are super talented and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next

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