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Greetings, kind readers and fans of music, and welcome to our blog. We are sharing Madame Dolores, a talented artist from the US, today. She released her album “Chaos” on June 5. When combined, the four themes of the “Chaos” album—liberation, love, joy—read like a guide for the broken light of the soul that is born into the chaos of physical reality and embarks on a teleological journey that leads to perfection and, eventually, transfiguration. Allow me to elaborate on this record for you.

The album starts with the song “This is Not a Riot”. The song has a throbbing rhythm from the beginning of the song. The persona in the song is extremely angry. She talks about how she wants a particular situation to end (“This is the end of you killing our hearts, this is the end of you robbing us of our spirits”). She describes her anger as a fight but a fight for her life. The song describes fighting for liberation in a very intense manner. The song lets you know the songs you are to expect when listening to this album.

The title of the next song is called “our garden of black roses”. This song pivots the album a bit. There is still this dark element to this song. The persona talks about people who don’t like her garden of black roses(“they don’t like my garden of black roses”). She talks about how peculiar her garden of roses is(“This garden might as well double as a cemetery”). The song is still magnetizing and will entertain you.

“You are the EVIL” is the title of the next song. The song has a fantastic drum beat. The song describes a character who is hypocritical saying that they have become what they support(“you are the evil that you support”) kind of the saying that goes “you are what you eat”. The song is very cutthroat and crisp.

Next is the song “SHAMEBLAME”. The song has a very unique intro because it is also unique The song condemns people who don’t own up to their mistakes and stop looking for other people to put their blame on(“stop looking for others to blame”). This advisory song is simple yet straightforward and creates a unique listening experience.

Next is the song “Free Man’s Burden” The song starts with techno-like rhythms. the mouth percussions are amazing. The song states how there is never complete and true freedom, it states that even in freedom there is responsibility and a power and privilege one needs to master and that is the burden of a free man. She encourages free people to give up their power of freedom because they are clueless when it comes to wielding that power ( “It’s clear you don’t know what you’re doing”). The song is deeply profound and exciting.

Next is the song “PAIN factory”. The song starts with Dolores’ deep and mysterious voice. The song describes an individual who is accustomed to pain(“You’ve grown used to your pain and you’re accustomed to the strain”)

Next is the song called” You Don’t LIFT”. This is yet another song with an eerie sound. The song is about a persona whose eyes have been opened to his friend’s behavior(“I don’t want to be friends anymore”). This character has just realized his friend’s true nature(“it took me a while to realize how horrible you are”). The persona has seen that his friend is not pulling his weight in their relationship(“you don’t lift”) and is always against her while bringing out the worst in her. The song describes a toxic relationship and the song has this allure to it

Next, we have the song “Trying to FEEL”. The song starts with incredible mouth percussion. The persona laments about a world that is against her or out to get her(“trying to feel strong in a world that makes you feel weak”). She feels one way but her world pulls her in the opposite direction. The song is steady and the song is thumping creating an all-immersive experience

The album ends with the song “I wasn’t Supposed to HERE”. The song is another chilling song that the artist performs with a lot of passion and intensity. She talks about the other side, how her ancestors called for her(“You don’t belong here”. The song did an amazing job of closing out the album

“Chaos” was a complete masterpiece. Each song possessed a very unique sound and message. The songs on this album gave me goosebumps but in a very good way. Dolores is a very gifted artist and she puts everything she has into her craft. I can’t wait to see what’s next

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