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Greetings, cherished readers and music enthusiasts! Let me introduce you to Allegra, the incredible pop sensation. Based in London, Allegra has gained recognition as one of the UK’s breakout acts over the last two years with her releases. Her track “Round and Round” (Tiësto Remix) is the result of her tireless efforts to give her fans what they want. “Love You Right Back” her most recent single, was remixed by ALOK, the fourth-biggest DJ in the world, and released on 3rd May Allow me to elaborate on the music.

The song starts with an amazing intro with a burst of vibrancy and then Allegra’s smooth vocals set in. I can tell you for sure that you will be magnetized by this song

“Love you right back” is intensely passionate and moves quickly. The character in the song is opening out to her love interest about her feelings. She admits to being obsessed and assures him not to hold back his feelings because if he loves her she assures her that he loves her, then he can count on the fact that she loves him too(“If you tell me you love me then I’ll love you right back, love you right back”). The song goes bigger than her last song filled with an incredible declaration of love and it will thrill you sonically

Flawlessly blending the spirit of pop and dance music, the song captures Allegra’s unique blend of passion and pop sensibility with a fascinating blend of pulsing club percussion, colorful synths, and soaring vocals. ALOK’s rendition strikes the perfect balance, creating a remix that is just amazing.

Allegra is becoming a household name in pop music thanks to her skill, originality, and ability to work with incredibly talented people. She is an incredible artist who is currently soaring through the skies and heading toward complete stardom!

Stream “Love You Right Back (ALOK remix)” on Spotify or SoundCloud

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