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Greetings dearest readers and music lovers, welcome to our blog. Today we highlight the talent of artist Kelsey Hart. Hart has released an album titled “Life with You”. The album, which was published on May 31st, features original songs remembering Hart’s father and wife in addition to 15 tracks of deftly written tributes to heartache, longnecks, and backroads. Let’s go over this in greater depth.

The album’s title track is called “Burn My Summer”. The song’s opening is a bright guitar sound that builds and builds till Hart’s bright voice bursts through. The song details the way the persona feels about his lover, he describes her as hotter than the heatwave (”you were hotter than the heatwave coming off a Tennessee two lane”). He is enamored by this lady and finds her even more attractive at night when they are by themselves (”and somehow you get even hotter when the sun goes down”) so he gives himself over to her (”burn my summer, take my time”). This song is an upbeat country song that has a very impressive electric guitar solo. This song lets you know what kind of songs that you can expect in this album.

The song up next is called “4X4”. This song has a more gentle opening. The song introduces listeners to a character who feels hopeless because he can’t seem to forget his ex(”been busy trying to find a way out, quit waiting on your come back”). He then lists the various options he’s tried to forget her and how none of them worked. With nothing left to do he wishes for a 4X4 car that would pull him out of his misery of missing her(”wish they made a 4X4 to pull me out of this loving you”). The song is a very emotional song and the vocal performance is something unique the electric guitar skill is in full force and listeners are taken on this emotional musical journey through this song

Next is the song called “Without You in It”. This song’s intro is an intricate piano melody. In the song, the character names the various ways his life will have no meaning without his partner in it. He has come to appreciate her presence in his life and the part she plays in it(” You’re my sunset drive, why I love livin’”). The song is a beautiful declaration of love and shows how love can be beautiful. The instrumentation is just perfect and the vocal performance commands your attention throughout the song

“Flannel” is the title of the next song. The song is a humming guitar strum that will captivate you. The song is about how attractive the persona’s partner looks in his flannel. (” You in my flannel”)He is so turned on by the way she looks that he cancels the plans they made with their friends(”Friday night just got canceled”). This song is a sexy song with classic instrumentation that you can play to set the mood for an intimate time with your partner

Next is the song called “Man Down”. The opening is unique and catchy. The song revolves around a character who normally handles breakups very well and without help. (”I just picked myself up again you can call me the comeback kid”)But in this particular situation, he is unable to handle his recent breakup and needs his friends to rally around him(” But boys tonight we got a man down at the bar all alone doing shots in the dark”). The song’s message is sad but this is a very catchy song that will have you rocking along to it

Next is the song called “Drink About Me”. This song also has a unique opening without the typical markings of a country song. The song paints the picture of a man who has just broken up with his lover. The song describes him drinking his sorrows away, but while drinking he reminisces about time with his ex and pictures himself with her through different drinks, as he drinks he asks himself if she remembers the good times they shared(” Do you drink about me”). The song morphs back to its country tone as the song builds and Hart delivers a powerful vocal performance that creates a beautiful soundscape

The song that follows is the album’s namesake “Life with you”. This song has a slow piano opening. In the song, the character is pledging his love and loyalty to his partner and is planning on following her anywhere she goes because he is looking forward to spending the rest of his life with her(”baby I love doing life with you”). The song is a beautiful ballad that would be a perfect song to play at your wedding, a song that you and your newly wedded spouse can have your first dance to. Hart gives a breathtaking performance on this track, so tender and emotive, bringing tears to your eyes

“Zebco” is the title of the next song. This is another country ballad that will intrigue you. The persona in the song is trying to forget his ex so he goes fishing, hoping that he would forget her but he can’t (”I might be fishin’ but really I’m just out here wishin’ “ just reelin’ for her to come back”). The song has a carefully structured musical instrumentation and will sonically thrill you

“Better by the beer” is the title of the next song. The song’s intro is very lively and up beat. The song is about a character getting over a breakup. He’s using alcohol as a coping mechanism and it seems that his pain is getting duller by the drink and duller over time(”better by the beer, better by the song, better by the night, every night she’s gone”). The coping mechanism he is using might not be ideal or the most responsible but at least he is feeling better. The little guitar solo in the song before he sings is quite impressive and this is a song that will be even more impressive when heard live

“My daddy’s fault” is the title of the song. The album slows down a bit with this song. The character in this song credits his habits to his dad, granted some of the habits are bad like shaking a person’s hand too hard and not owning a three piece suit some of the habits are very commendable like holding the door open for ladies to walk through and the emotional maturity to say I love you (”and a good man never holds back his “I love yous”). The song describes a man who’s behavior has been shaped by his father and the song shows how powerful a good father figure is in a child’s life. The song is a beautiful song which is also wholesome and thrill you sonically

Next is a song called “like you leaving”. Although the song has a very energetic intro. The character in the song compares his partner leaving him to very awful things, like a fate worse than death (”and no I’ve never died but if I had to guess its like to see the light and quit breathing I bet it’d feel a lot like you leaving”). This is an emotive song about heartbreak and loss done in a brilliant, tender and powerful way

Next is the song “put it on the map”. When the song begins you are drawn in by its tenderness. The character in the song is thankful that his hometown was never put on the map if it had ,the place he knows and loves would have changed drastically, he then mentions some things that would have changed if they were put on the map (”when they build it up and put black tar on every back road a Walmart where the green grass grows a chain bar where the dive bar closed”). He then talks about his first hand experience about how his hometown Nashville had been through the exact same thing he mentioned. There is a electric guitar solo in the song that is amazingly magnetic and will captivate you thoroughly

6 -Pack gone” is the title of the next song. The song’s intro is very delicate and soft. This song describes a character who is still missing his ex(”cause I ain’t done missing her yet”). To drown his sorrows he has 6 beers, each representing a different stage of grief or heartbreak but unfortunately after the the 6th beer he finally comes to accept that just like the 6 beers he had just downed, she was really gone(”cause I know she’s like this 6 pack, gone”). The song is relatable because we’ve all been dumped and you are brought into Hart’s mindscape and connect more With the song

Next is the song called “Missin’ You”. This song has an upbeat tempo that will captivate you instantly. The song centers around a character who is still processing his grief. He has resorted to several means to keep the memories of this person alive in various ways like keeping things the way the person likes and trying to preserve the memories with the person alive for as long as possible(”man I’m missin’ you”). The song lets listeners that its okay to grieve and feel sad about loosing a particular person in the song and that grief manifests its way in different ways, which are all acceptable. The song takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions that you will love and never forget

The last song on this album is called “Country in business”. The song is opened with some very funky electric guitar strums. The song is about a country singer who loves this genre of music so much that he describes himself as the genre’s gatekeeper and the one who makes sure that country songs never go out of style(”backwoods boys that are just like me we keepin’ country in business”).The song shows a person who is fully invested in his career and is really passionate about his craft. This song is foot tapping and before you realize you’ll be head banging to the song, this song closes out the album with impeccable finesse

This album is a true country album through and through, Hart incorporated certain aspects of country rock in some of the songs which went so well. The songs were very emotive and heartbreak was one of the themes of the album but he put various spins on these songs showing that loss, heartbreak and grief manifests in different ways and can take various forms. Hart has weaved collection of songs that are incredibly awesome, he is a star who is standing on business and will take the music industry by surprise.

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