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Kevin Bacon “No Longer Eats Bacon” or Any Products Made from Pigs or Goats

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Because I have goats and pigs, I no longer eat goat or pig,” the 65-year-old actor, who is included in People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue, which hits stores this Friday, explains.

“We can’t get any more animals because you’re going to stop eating everything,” says my wife, actress Kyra Sedgwick. It’s a fair point, given that the pair owns a farm in Connecticut with the goats and pigs stated above (along with three non-food chain miniature horses and alpacas).

I love animals, they are a joy to be around, and they’re very, very calming for me,” he says. “But we also really love to go into the garden and get fresh herbs or tomatoes or basil or peppers or zucchini.

Bacon’s love of food and cooking took root while he was a struggling young actor in New York City.

Recalling some of his early egg-onion-leftover-pasta creations, he says, “I would take whatever that I had and put it into a pan and just fry it up, and then eat it with a fork out of the pan because it would also cut down on the minimum amount of dishes for me to have to clean.” Even if his days of being economical are gone, the celebrity still chooses to cook most of the time over eating at luxury restaurants.

According to him, “every time you go out to eat or grab something to go, you’re giving your power over to the people who are going to prepare the food for you.” “It’s not something I could ever do.” I must have control over what I put in my body”. The actor says

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