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Hello everyone! Welcome to our blog. Today we highlight artist Lauri Jarvilehto.

Lauri Järvilehto is a Finnish musician, philosopher, author, and father of five. He channels his life experiences into his music as in this case his latest song “Typhoon” This song was released on May 17th, let me tell you more about this incredible song

Right from the get-go, the song is an outburst of incredible and colorful sounds. You know you will fall in love with it.

The song “Typhoon” is about overcoming obstacles in life. (“You know it ain’t easy”)Resilience is another theme it covers (“yet you get up when you fall down”). The song inspires you to press on through whatever challenges you may encounter and find a way to carry on with your life’s journey. This upbeat anthem and inspirational music will motivate you!

Lauri takes inspiration in the storytelling of Leonard Cohen and David Bowie, as well as in the experimental genres of Björk and St. Vincent. Järvilehto strikes a blend between modern experimentation and well-worn depth in their music. The song is a lively electropop/indie rock song. He performed the vocals and played every instrument on the song. Can we also create some noise for the guitar solo and other instrumentation? It was really amazing!

Wow! What a song! The song oozes talent in every pore of the song. Lauri is a musical genius and he has made a song with such a heartfelt and endearing message in it, a message that holds so much authority in these times, it gives so much love, light and hope. Lauri is a talented artist and will do extremely well in the music industry

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