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Leela Misel new song "Switch"

Leela Misel Premier New Song ‘Switch’

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From beginning to end, this song is a fantastic experience that has left us eager to see where Leela’s career will take her in the following months!

Switch is Australian singer/songwriter Leela Misel’s debut single, with mesmerising guitar riffs and unusual bluesy-rock vocals. Switch examines topics of racial discrimination and code switching by illuminating the darkness through story-telling and catchy tunes. After hearing the word “code flipping” on a podcast, Leela Misel wrote this song. This is lauded as a skill in the song, but it also laments the suppression of “so much of what makes me who I am, only to protect people from treating me differently because of my ethnicity or history.”

With her debut track “Switch,” Australian singer-songwriter Leela Misel has us hooked. Leela’s magnificent voice is showcased in all of its melodic tones in this song, demonstrating her songwriting prowess. The melody is quite catchy, and the guitar riffs are extremely entertaining. The lyrics are unique, well-written, and complement the vocal melodies nicely. This song has a distinct mood, and the production is polished and professional. Leela Misel has one of the most beautiful vocals we’ve ever heard, and her performance on this album is exceptional.

Listen to Leela Misel new song “Switch”

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