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Lexxi Vonne 22.22.22

Lexxi Vonne Releases Latest Song “22.22.22”

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Ritual Salvation Records released Lexxi Vonne’s “22.22.22” on June 10, 2021.

With the nostalgic new tune 22.22.22, label boss Lexxi Vonne makes a triumphant comeback to Ritual Salvation.

On her Ritual Salvation imprint, Lexxi’s most recent release is a creative single. The song “22.22.22” has an immediately nostalgic, ’80s vibe. The track’s strong foundation of Bronski-esque drum work and a sawing bassline propels an upbeat cinematic mood while commanding keys and rippling synths are scattered throughout the mix. With this production, less of a depth approach was chosen, and the result is the undoubtedly catchy nod to one of music’s most recognisable periods.

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Female sonic stereotypes in sound creation and the electronic music field are being broken by London-based musician Lexxi Vonne. Lexxi’s frequently gloomy tones, which are accentuated by strong beats, are the result of many years of musical exploration and inspiration from a variety of genres. Her frequently genre-fluid and boundary-pushing musical productions are influenced by Drum & Bass, Rock, and Cinematic music, and you can hear a synthesis of trendy tones and intellectual tendencies inside the framework.

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