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Skar de Line Reset

Skar de Line Back With New Single “Reset”

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Skar de Line is back with a new single, “Reset,” a dark and cinematic tune in which he continues to push himself outside his comfort zone in search of new musical sounds.

Skar de Line’s fourth single is titled “Reset.” The song is a rollercoaster ride from the beginning. It begins with sound sounds that appear to be a person breathing. A fast-paced percussion section follows, increasing the song’s tension. The deep vocals of Oskar Abrahamsson contribute to the song’s intensity, giving it a dark horror vibe.

This London-based artist takes us on a cinematic journey that delves into the most primitive aspects of human nature, as well as the never-ending cycle of destruction, creation, and repetition. “Reset” is an electronica-infused orchestral track with a chaotic and primordial quality that evolves and expands. Hello there, my pals! It’s finally Friday, and today we’re going to speak about a tune by Skar de Line, a British artist. “Reset,” a complete immersive experience loaded with symphonic, cinematic, and electronic characteristics, was recently published, yeah another brand new track for you. It’s a track that starts with the most basic and natural condition of existence for humans: breathing.

Skar de Line Reset

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Skar de Line, a Swedish-born and -raised artist working in London, is a musician as well as a filmmaker. He began an autobiographical suite of music inspired by cinematic soundtracks, hip-hop, and electronic metal, which will delve into Skar’s deepest mind and concepts. The first track is called “Reset.” The entire premise behind “Reset” is centred around breath, rooting the experience in the most human of places: survival. Second, the realisation that you can break free, be more, and be a better version of yourself by letting go of your old self and symbolically climbing out of whatever is holding you back.

A unique concept for a song that will be accompanied with a cinematic music video written, filmed, and edited by Skar de Line. You will be able to see how the artist views the entire process of killing his old self and resurrected via his vision. But, as he makes abundantly apparent, he is a maker, not a killer.

Dark ambiance, an ever-evolving composition, pulsating synths, frightening drones, hideous echoes, and percussion will transport us to a tribal world where war, fight, death, and life mix in a self-destructive dance.

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