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Luke Newton of Bridgerton used the group chat to crowdsource his Neo-Elvis outfit.

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For Luke Newton, the menswear thing might be “kind’ve overwhelming.” Growing up, he would wake up every day and meticulously style every strand of hair in front of the mirror as the son of a hairdresser. Like most things in the Bridgerton star’s adult life, though, that has since changed. “As an adult, I want to use a small amount of product and then just walk out of the house. We plan looks in a group conversation even for style, so it’s not just on me. I’ve surrounded myself with people I genuinely trust. It could be too much. So I’m cool with it if people like it.”

E-democracy’s fashion is something new. However, it works. Newton chose Boss, the quintessential purveyor of subtly self-assured tailoring, for GQ Men of the Year 2022, taking a slightly futuristic approach to a timeless piece. Usually, I can tell after one suit that this is the one. However, I was experimenting with a couple of them when this rather ’50s-inspired costume sprang up. It’s loose-fitting, big, and has a pleasant Elvis vibe about it. I reasoned that I had to accept it. The final detail? Nestled amidst the Edwardian stone of its namesake area, 1 Hotel Mayfair is a tower of modernist flair that has elegantly assembled a Chopard grail watch.

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