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Hello wonderful people and amazing music lovers today we are talking about the work of the talented ETOLUBOV. Music fans really should listen to Liubov Fomenko’s (ETOLUBOV) debut album called “Vselubov” The neo-pop singer, who is originally from Odesa, Ukraine, has been traveling the world and residing in Paris for more than ten years. Those who want to widen their horizons will be inspired by ETOLUBOV. She combines electronic and Eastern music components with modern pop trends in her songs. Greece, the Middle East, and Arabic nations are the ancestors of Lyubov. That could very well account for her expanding fame and fan following in the UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, India, and Saudi Arabia at an astounding rate.” VSELUBOV “is a fantastic 9

Song pop record that was tastefully published on March 9. A variety of possible hits and already-released singles with millions of streams are included in this EP. Additionally, the release is bolstered by the outstanding, international live video 001SHOW, which was captured in Bali by well-known Ukrainian director Alan Badoev. Let’s get right down to the details of this record

This is love” is how the EP begins. The song opens with lovely, distinct guitar tones, and then she begins to sing about the powerful experience of being in love (“You’re like a song, you’re my soul”). She questions whether this is truly love because she finds it hard to believe she is feeling that type of love. She is satisfied with her feelings even if she is in shock. Her voice is lovely and flowing, fitting the song’s message and tone. The song does a fantastic job of setting the tone for the remainder of the record.

Mango” is the next song, and it starts with some ethereal sounds. She starts off singing the song in Ukrainian, but as it goes on, she also starts singing in English. In her songs, ETOLUBOV expresses her intense love for her partner and how it is returned (“In your eyes, I see love that’s meant to be”). They are enjoying the sunset in the song, which she thinks looks like a mango. (”sky’s like a mango, mango “) Her inventive comparison of the color of the sky to that of a mango, coupled with the song’s incredibly appealing arrangement, make for a captivating listen!

Even though “Ineaniti,” another pop song, is performed only in Ukrainian, the experience is nevertheless worthwhile! The song features musical elements from the Arabian culture. All this song could bring to mind was Aladdin and Jasmine, soaring over the Sultan’s palace on their magic carpet! The song is entertaining and intriguing, and it’s like stepping into a fairytale

The musical journey continues with “Taio,” which has a very ominous beginning. ETOLUBOV will captivate you with his powerful, seductive, and dark vocals. Your senses will be utterly captivated by the mouth percussions, harmonizing, and melodic aspects that will catch you off guard!

Another eerie and alluring song, “Attraction,” describes the persona’s attraction to her partner in the lyrics “blooming desire, skin to skin, hotter than fire.” With its seductive guitar solo, breathy and refined vocals by ETOLUBOV, and sensuous lyrics, this music is sure to seduce you. The song is ideal for listening to on a romantic evening or whenever you want to liven things up with your significant other

Light and steady drumming open “Tremble hoyn,” and ETOLUBIV’S intensely impassioned vocals soon envelop you. Even though the song is not in English, you can still relate to it and enjoy yourself because of the piano parts that truly stand out

Bokekebonio” is an additional lively tune. This amazing music is sure to get you moving and features some synth influences. There’s a thumping, fun beat that creates an engaging auditory experience.

Another mainstream song is “Kyoa.” The added sounds and adlibs enhance the song even further. The rap was a really nice surprise and the guitar solo is really amazing. It alters the song’s structure and increases its intensity.

The song “Flowering” serves as the album’s epilogue. You can tell it’s going to be a fantastic experience as soon as the song begins. Intimacy between lovers is discussed in the song (“Want you to feel me, under your skin”). The persona wants you to experience the same level of passion and arousal. Fortunately for us, ETOLUBOV’S seductive and powerful vocal performance, supported by flirtatious and equally seductive musical cues, manages to evoke the same feelings in us. The song effectively wraps off the EP and leaves you with a lasting impression.

VSELUBOV is the Ukrainian word for “everything is love, all is love.” According to the singer, the title expresses how she feels about her music and audience.

The lightness and breathing arrangements of VSELUBOV are among its most alluring features. Though practically all nine of the album’s tracks (seven of which the public will hear for the first time) have appealing melodies and significant smash potential, the album is wonderful in its austerity and could easily be classified as lounge music. ETOLUBOV is a graceful singer who dazzles her audience with her deft pirouettes rather than her loud voice. Her distinct style combines creative electronics with thundering basslines, ASMR-like effects, and real Eastern music, such as vocalizations, Turkish saz, darbuka, Indian tabla, and more. I’m excited to see what she does next .

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