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Hi, music fans and dearest readers. Let’s welcome to our digital space UK-based band MERCURIUS. The band is made up of James Brown on vocals, Paul Brown on guitars, and Jasmine Crichton on vocals. MERCURIUS has just released a song on 10th February which is called “Streetlights”. The song is an absolute bop so sit back and enjoy this spicy review of mine

“Streetlights” begins with some fancy electric guitar work which is then joined in by some impressive drum beats before the band begins its performance.

Lyrically the song is about the complexities of relationships. Lines like “ love cuts deep like a knife,” show the downsides of love but “don’t leave me here alone” shows that even though relationships have their downsides they’d rather not be alone without their partner. Jasmine and James’ voices complement each other and their duet is in perfect harmony. The vocal performance together with the musical instruments especially the guitar aspects are stunningly beautiful and take you along for a fantastic musical journey

The song’s perfect production can be attributed to Olly’s magic hands but he cannot take all the credit as the rest of the band gave it their all and performed this song as if it was the last song they’d ever get to perform. This song has amazing quality and will be a treat to listen to live!

To conclude, “Streetlights” by MERCURIUS is a wonderful piece of music. The band and their producer bled a piece of their souls into this track and it shows. The song’s message is also beautiful and the lyrics are easy to follow. The band is destined for great things and I can’t see what they put out next

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