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misc_alt_ I DONT CARE

misc_alt_ “I DONT CARE” A Breakthrough Song

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Misc alt_, a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist from Madison, presents “I DONT CARE,” his newest track. “I DONT CARE” is the pinnacle of dreamy summer pop music thanks to its minimalist, bubbling synth-pop beats and misc alttrademark ‘s sweet vocals. This new single, which is believed to be the start of his eagerly awaited album, continues his outstanding run of catchy electro-pop anthems.

In a statement he said: “Our first multi-media production, “I DONT CARE,” was the accidental result of 12 different innovators and artists working together. To develop logos, artwork, promo, merchandise, remixes, and of course our premiere music video, we enlisted as many of our local friends and artists as we could.”

“The song and accompanying music video tell three distinct storylines, one of which I keep a secret because I believe that one day someone will learn the real story being told. Many of us experienced a paradigm shift as a result of this effort, realising that the only distinction between “hobbyist” and “professional” lies in our shared desire to create something beautiful.”

The collaborative spirit of misc_ alt_ is evident in “I DON’T CARE,” which also includes MVC B’s life-giving instrumentals and co-production. As part of the cast and crew of the music video, which also includes Midwest filmmaker Derek Piotrowski and eleven local artists and friends, are The song “I DON’T CARE,” which MVC B originally sent to misc_ alt_ as a work-in-progress that he hoped they might enjoy, has proudly developed into the creation of a unionised organisation with the mission to live oddly.

Misc_ alt_ has risen to become well-known from Soundcloud to Sound Design. Leyf, who received their first DAW as a gift in their late teens, has since gone on to produce soulful melodies and surprisingly deep parodies. Leyf has a large body of solo work, yet they have always discovered beauty in collaboration.

Leyf had had experience working as a team due to her involvement in choir, theatre, and special online communities. She applied those abilities to her love. Misc_ alt_ has collaborated with more than a dozen musicians, collaborating on everything from grimy EDM tracks to orchestral fantasy, all the while encouraging those listening and working with them to let go of any assumptions they may have about themselves or others. If I were to say anything, it would be that misc_ alt_ is a pioneer of openly embracing oneself.

Listen to misc_alt_ I DONT CARE song below.

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