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Nicki Minaj looks stunning in this simple Vogue December cover photo.

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Nick Minaj, who has long been renowned for her opulent, frequently exaggerated style, displays a more vulnerable side on the December cover of Vogue. The rapper looks stunning in a Valentino Haute Couture cream silk outfit. Her long, softly waved hair contrasts with her powerful attitude, adding to the ethereal vibe of the ensemble. Simple, fresh makeup and Irene Neuwirth earrings finish the ensemble.

There’s a freeness that you have around you when you’re at your best, when you’re doing your thing at your peak,” Minaj told the outlet, echoing the quiet power she exudes in the photos. “You’re happy even if you’re writing a sad song

The December 8 release of “Pink Friday 2,” Minaj’s fifth studio album, is a type of follow-up to her 2010 debut album “Pink Friday.” She has been working hard on it

. She added in an interview with Vogue, “When I look back at a lot of my music, I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, where was the me in it?'” “So for this album, I went back to the old game plan.”

Another photo from the shoot shows off her confidence in her comeback, with a nude canary yellow lace Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda dress paired with a brilliant Tiffany & Co. pendant. Here, her makeup is even more minimal, highlighting her inherent shine. Her seeming happiness and ease are probably the result of a new outlook she’s adopted in the last few years, especially after having a child.

You know that feeling when you unlock one of the secrets of life? For me the idea of accepting what you can’t change — it just never clicked with me before,” she said, adding that refusing to accept that idea was “the easiest way to be unhappy.” “So now, if I find myself trying to control it all, I try to remember what’s really important. I look in my son’s face, and my whole soul lights up.”

After giving birth to her baby, who she adores and calls Papa Bear, Minaj said she was surprised by the shift from being an artist to a mother and that she didn’t anticipate having to “cook every meal” and “bake cookies every day.” However, Minaj claimed that after spending nearly all of his early years alone with her spouse because she gave birth during the pandemic’s peak, she realised she was ready to resume her career, which is why she released the new album and its September single, “Last Time I Saw You.”

Papa Bear, whose real name Minaj has not made public, makes an appearance in the shoot, sinking sweetly into a tender yet protective embrace from his mother, who is draped in an oversized, light pink Vetements coat.

Within hours of uploading the picture to Instagram on Thursday, Minaj had over 13,000 comments and over 1 million likes.

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