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Olly Hite lioness

Olly Hite Releases the Visual for “Lioness”

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Olly Hite, a British singer-songwriter, has finally released his new track “Lioness,” his debut with Mesa/Bluemoon Recordings in California. On the record, Olly worked with multi-Grammy Award-winning writer and producer Robert Cutarella to celebrate women’s empowerment (‘you can’t tame the lioness inside’) and pay homage to beloved piano-driven songwriters like Elton John and Chris Martin.

The artist’s latest single, ‘Lioness,’ is chock-full of poignant moments as well as an intricate feeling of warmth and occasion. Piano-based sounds like this rely on the personality and character that pervades the work and the vocals, and Olly’s powerful, passionate delivery, along with the stirring imagery surrounding women’s liberation, creates a truly captivating package. The sound echoes Elton John and the aforementioned Billy Joel, but also ringing with a more current flavour and sense of deception that people like Father John Misty have had great success with. The ultimate effect is a multi-faceted sound that is both endearingly simple and jam-packed with things to get lost in.

Olly Hite lioness

The stunning new graphics for “Lioness” are shot in black and white, as Hite takes a step back in time to showcase a Western-style picture in which he realises that his true love is someone quite different. In this short film video, actress Coral Beed portrays the deuteragonist in a fight.

The enormous, solitary ocean scene, shot in the UK near the beach hamlet of Elmer Sand, depicts Hite playing an antique upright piano as the waves kiss at his legs and the tide almost swallows him up altogether. The visual masterpiece, directed and co-written by BAFTA nominated producer Mark Hamilton, will play with all of your emotions, leaving you wanting for a sequel.

Olly Hite is a musician with a wide musical background who hails from Brighton, England. He collaborated with Fatboy Slim’s Norman Cook on THE BPA – Brighton Port Authority, which featured David Byrne, Iggy Pop, Martha Wainwright, and others. Hite also toured with pop aristocracy and Brit Award winners including Chesney Hawkes and Mark Read of A1 fame, performing around the UK. He met Cutarella while playing a show at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood for his debut album In Everyone (Mayfield Records), and the two have been writing ever since.

Don’t forget to follow him on Instagram as @ollyhite.

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