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Salutations, ardent readers, and music enthusiasts! Please welcome US musician Arjay Smith. Smith recently published “Old Man Rookie Instrumentals, part 1: Fives Up,” a five-song EP released on 20th April. Experience the realm of exquisite rhythm and thought-provoking sounds with Arjay Smith’s latest instrumental hip-hop masterpiece. This album captures the essence of classy rap from beginning to end with its flawless fusion of vintage sounds and cutting-edge production. Allow me to elaborate on this EP.

This EP’s first song is called “Afta u”. The song welcomes you with the sound of birds flying and chirping before descending into a seamless and crisp drum beat that is intertwined with the other instruments to create a wonderful sonic experience. What “After U” delivers to you gives you a sneak peek at the rest of the album

Next is the song called “Space in Time”. The intro of this song is bright and cheery and makes you feel as though you were cuddled up in bed with your favorite book on a rainy day.

The song that follows is called “Dead Pres”. This song opens with these finger-snapping sounds before the other instruments set in. The sound heard in the beginning is the foundation on which this tune is built. And it ends with the first few lines of the song” Amazing Grace “This song took me on a unique musical ride I was not prepared for

“The Survival (9-5)” is the next song. The song has a jazz-like feel to it and I suppose it stands for the corporate world and its workers who work from 9-5. The song has a relaxing vibe to it and you will enjoy your listening experience

The EP ends with the song “Boom Bap’tism” The song is lively and quite colorful. It is a foot-tapping rhythm that will draw you in and make you keep listening. The aftermath of this song is the lasting feeling it leaves you long after the song has ended

Wow, what a rush! I was not expecting this level of brilliance in this EP. I was surprised at every turn and anytime I felt too comfortable it went out of its way to excite me and keep me on my feet. I recommend this song for all types of playlists for all ages. Smith is a genuine artist and he will do well in the music world.

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